‘Married to Medicine’ Stars Toya Bush-Harris & Anila Sajja Make Peace After Nasty Feud

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Anila Sajja and Toya Bush-Harris’ friendship was tested.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris thought she had a solid ally in Anila Sajja on the recent season. In fact, the two women formed a bond before the cameras were rolling. According to Toya, she and Anila just clicked once they met each other. Since they lived in the same neighborhood, they spent a lot of time together. In fact, Toya even got Anila on the neighborhood’s tennis team. With their friendship being so strong, Toya figured that Anila would have her back when she officially joined the group. However, cracks in their friendship began to show. Anila was told that Toya was talking about her behind her back to other people in the neighborhood.

Toya denied talking about Anila to their other neighbors. She said that she went directly to Anila about the issues she had with her. At the time, Toya took issue with Anila’s treatment of her hairstylist and makeup artist. Toya accused Anila of not paying them on time. For Toya, this was really huge problem because she’s the one who referred both to Anila. So she felt as if Anila was making her look bad.

Well, Anila denied paying anyone late. She was hurt by Toya’s actions, so she began to distance herself from her former friend. In the meantime, Anila formed close friendships with Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Quad Webb. Both also have their own shaky relationships with Toya. So Toya began to feel as if Anila switched up on her and she was never a real friend.

At last season’s reunion, Toya and Anila seemed to hash things out. However, they ended up falling out again while filming the upcoming season. Plus, they had some nasty exchanges on social media, too.

Interestingly enough, Anila and Toya have made peace. And it seems as if what looked like a divided cast is shifting once again.

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