Moniece Slaughter Responds After Her Parents Say They Don’t Believe She’s Pregnant

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Moniece Slaughter has had enough.

Moniece Slaughter is currently pregnant and she’s been vocal about the drama she’s been having with her unborn child’s father. She accused him of filing a bogus restraining order against her. Her ex accused her of attacking him at a party thrown by Cardi B. The restraining order was not granted and Moniece continues to clash with the man, which has only made her pregnancy more stressful.

Interestingly enough, another source of stress in her life is her contentious relationship with her parents. Days ago, they made headlines because they broke down why they don’t believe Moniece is actually pregnant.

Moniece’s mother Marla Thomas and father Dave Thomas said that Moniece told them she was pregnant last September. And since she doesn’t look “almost 7 months pregnant,” they aren’t sure they should believe her now. Both also confirmed that they aren’t on speaking terms with the “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” alum, and Dave accused Moniece of blocking him on multiple platforms and ceasing communication.

Well, Moniece recently addressed the comments her parents made.

While she was on Instagram Live, she said that their comments have caused other people to doubt that she’s pregnant, “It would not matter if we put up a billboard. And honestly, I’m trying not to be mad at people who are asking that. They’re saying that because my birth giver keeps saying that I’m not because I refuse to publicly share ultrasound videos and pictures. That’s why…because of her. Now I just have to prove a point.”

She added, “So she’s been on the internet since October 23rd dragging me and I’m just tired of it. I go live today, she goes live, starts talking about me. So we could put a whole billboard up, it would not even matter.”

When some of Moniece’s followers pointed out that she referred to Marla as her birth giver, she stood firm in her feelings. “Yeah, my birth giver. I’m no longer referring to her as my mother. That’s my birth giver.” She continued, “And I don’t need her. Not at all.”

Moniece denied that anything her mother has alleged is true. But she questions how Marla’s actions are actually helpful. “Even if the things that my mother is saying about me were true, how does her behavior help me? How would her behavior make me feel so very loved?” She continued, “If I’m so mentally unstable, if you’re so concerned about your living grandchild Kameron, how is any of your behavior helpful?”

She also accused Marla of texting something very hurtful, “She’s been on the internet since October 23rd. I have not publicly acknowledged, addressed nothing. But this has to stop. If you text me and you say if you really are and you don’t terminate, I will make you suffer. That’s exactly what this is about! That’s what she texted me!”

And Marla is getting to her, “So eventually, yes, this is going to wear on me. How are you a mental health advocate?”

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