Da Brat & LisaRaye McCoy Hash Things out After Latest Controversy

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Da Brat and LisaRaye McCoy work through it.

When it comes to Da Brat and LisaRaye McCoy‘s relationship, the sisters have had some heated moments play out publicly. Fox Soul fans saw them clash after LisaRaye went off about finding out her sister came out on social media. Da Brat didn’t have much to say during the heated moment, but it was obvious that she was just as hurt. For LisaRaye, it hurt not knowing the things that were going on in her sister’s life. However, it hurt even more that they weren’t even on speaking terms. So she couldn’t contain her true feelings when Da Brat went on “Cocktails with Queens” to wish her a happy birthday.

Da Brat and LisaRaye seemingly worked past the public blowup. However, LisaRaye called Da Brat out again during a recent interview. She told Raqi 4 Real that she had to find out that Jesseca “Judy” Dupart and Da Brat are expecting a child together on social media.

At the time when LisaRaye’s comments went viral, Da Brat and Judy’s wedding was just days away. So some people wondered if LisaRaye was even invited.

Well, it turns out LisaRaye was actually a part of the wedding ceremony. Hours ago, Da Brat penned a sweet message for the actress.

She wrote, “It ain’t too many people or occasions where she ain’t wearin white! But on my special day it was whatever I needed from her. This pic right here doesn’t even need a caption. Its says “big sis lil sis” in every way possible. My sister’s keeper. Me and my Punk. @thereallraye1 I love u Pizzy and I appreciate you being all you are and have been to me my whole life.”

Da Brat continued, “We have experienced a lifetime of love. From dem Zanzibar offices to Helen’s to you whoppin me for skippin school to us whoopin a*ses lol. From Chicago to wherever we are in the world, we always got each other no matter what. Its dat unf*ckwittable love. #sosoblessed”

You can check out the photo here.

The wedding will appear on the new season of “Brat Loves Judy” on WE tv in June.

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