‘Kandi & the Gang’ Recap: Todd & Kandi Struggle with Restaurant Issues + the Staff Clashes

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OLG needs a lot of work.

The OLG has been struggling since the departure of its last general manager. Todd seems to think that he and Kandi need to go back to being at the restaurant more so they can get things back on track. 

Phillip has come on as the director of operations at the OLG and he came from their Blaze restaurant first. They meet with Phillip and Don Juan to talk business. In a green screen interview, Kandi says Don Juan is her right-hand man when it comes to all of her businesses. But Kandi wants Phillip to take control of the OLG so that Don Juan can have more time to focus on the other ventures. 

Meet the staff.

Shawndreca is the original hostess of the OLG and customers have complained that she has a bad attitude. Dom’Unique is a bartender. Dancing is why she came to Atlanta and she recently danced for Megan Thee Stallion. She’s thankful that working as a bartender gives her the flexibility to still dance. 

Brandon is the general manager. But Kandi and Todd don’t think he’s actually good at the job. He doesn’t have the experience. 

The other issue is the “gang.” Kandi’s mom and aunties can be hard to work with and very critical of everyone which causes tension. 

At this point, a staff meeting is necessary to begin the process of getting things back on track. 

Kandi starts off the meeting by saying that they need to upgrade everything, including the service. And Phillip will be around a lot more to help out. This doesn’t excite Shawndreca because she doesn’t like him. 

Phillip checks Shawndreca.

Since Don Juan knows Shawndreca doesn’t like Phillip, he decides to pull them aside so they can hash things out. For Shawndreca, she says she doesn’t like his energy. And he wasn’t friendly. Phillip says he doesn’t go back and forth with hourly employees. She thinks she runs things and he needs her to know she doesn’t. 

Shawndreca breaks down in tears as the conversation continues to be tense. Don Juan checks on her. She’s convinced that Phillip is aggressive. And she’s not feeling it. 

Phillip ends up telling her she can go home for the day after he catches her talking about him to Dom’Unique. 

In a green screen interview, Todd says Phillip did the right thing because Shawndreca was being disrespectful. 

Kandi wants to hear the opinions of the OLG themselves. 

Later on, Kandi meets with Mama Joyce, Aunt Bertha, and Aunt Nora. 

Aunt Bertha doesn’t think any of the employees are “worth a d*man.” She also thinks Shawndreca has a nasty attitude. 

Mama Joyce doubts Brandon really cares about OLG. And she’s heard him say he doesn’t care. 

Aunt Nora says she’s willing to throw hands with anyone who’s disrespectful. 

Kandi reminds them all that they shouldn’t be getting into it with any of the employees. And they all have something they can work on and do better. So the upcoming staff reunion is important. 

It’s the day of the reunion.

Torrin used to be the manager of OLG. But he was also in charge of putting together events for the restaurant. This was one of his talents. He left the company but Kandi has asked him to plan the reunion because he’s really great at event planning. So he’s been brought back on as the Resident Events Manager. 

On the day of the reunion, Shawndreca isn’t thrilled to see Phillip again. But she’s going to keep it cool to avoid more drama. 

Brandon and Dom’Unique have some type of romantic relationship developing. But Dom’Unique doesn’t want this to be obvious to everyone else. Shawndreca is already aware of their situation. 

Brian is a former head bartender. Kandi wants him to come back to help spice up the menu. He started his own food business after he left. But he’s willing to come back and help out. 

Rashard is a hostess over at Blaze. Kandi has asked him to be the second hostess at OLG. So Kandi introduces him and Shawndreca.

The power goes out.

On Rashard’s first day, Shawndreca arrives like seconds before the restaurant opens. Don Juan and Phillip are not happy about this. But business must go on and there are plenty of customers ready to be seated right at open.

Brandon and Dom’Unique find some time to flirt. And he asks her out on a date. In a green screen interview, Brandon says he started working at OLG because he thought she was attractive. 

As the restaurant gets packed and it’s hard to seat people, the power goes out. And since it’s a Saturday, it’s even worse because this is the busiest day. 

Kandi makes it to the restaurant and she walks around to apologize to the customers for the power outage. 

Phillip is paying attention.

While talking to Phillip, Kandi says that the power goes out a lot in the area. And they need to get a power generator. In a green screen interview, Phillip says it’s absurd that OLG doesn’t already have a power generator. But this shows how much work OLG needs 

Interestingly enough, Todd says he knows they need a generator. They don’t have one yet because the city makes it really hard to get one. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I think phillip has the right idea about everything. Y run a business and not at least have a generator? Even if it’s hard to get, at least try.

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