‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Alum NeNe Leakes Denies Being Arrogant

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NeNe Leakes called out Bravo and Andy Cohen after she left RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum NeNe Leakes had a controversial departure. She claimed she wasn’t being treated fairly behind the scenes. In fact, she began to be vocal during the contract negotiation process. She took to her YouTube channel to discuss this with fans. And she accused Bravo of treating her differently than her non-black peers. For NeNe, she didn’t think it was fair that she was never given her own spinoff show. She alleged that Bravo never gave any of the black women from RHOA their own shows, only specials. Meanwhile, Kim Zolciak had her own show for years. NeNe said Kim secured her show after she quit in the middle of the season. So it wasn’t fair in her opinion.

NeNe also said that nonblack housewives had been able to have explosive moments and not be penalized. She rubbed producers the wrong way when she got physical with a cameraman. At the time, she was upset because he went into her closet after she told production not to film there.

Fans rallied behind NeNe Leakes after she departed RHOA.

After producers allegedly told NeNe they took issue with this, NeNe told her supporters that this was proof of hypocrisy. To her knowledge, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice was not punished for pushing Andy Cohen. This happened at a past reunion.

When NeNe decided to leave RHOA, she complained about being told she would appear in fewer episodes. So she figured it was time to walk away. She would eventually accuse Andy and the network of racism. Some RHOA fans believe that doing this has hurt her chances of ever returning.

While NeNe did have a lot of support, others called NeNe out on social media. Some even accused her of being too arrogant to be enjoyable on the show.

Interestingly enough, NeNe made it clear that she doesn’t think she’s arrogant at all.

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  1. Nene just calls it like she sees it. That’s far from being arrogant.
    She’s been off of RHOA to be not talked about. As far as Greg’s death, who puts a clock on mourning? D-mn, was she not supposed to move on? Just be happy for her or not but nothing has to be said on her life.

  2. I’m kind of surprised NeNe didn’t catch the shade from Loni and Garcelle. I like NeNe but she’s had her arrogant moments. She seems to have grown since then though. And I enjoy her personality now. I would love to see her back on RHOA.

  3. She’s very arrogant, rude, entitled and just down right nasty. Just cause it’s good tv doesn’t give excuse for bad behavior.

  4. Who cares if Nene is arrogant? Kanye is arrogant and men and women praise him for it. They find his entitled attitude, arrogance and rude behavior “inspirational” and “motivational.” Keep that same energy for black women too. Thanks.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Kanye! It feels like Kanye is not held at any standards – he can do whatever, say whatever and people just shrug it off as Kanye just being Kanye. Why can’t Nene be afforded the same privilege? They both doing to stay in the limelight so why not?

  5. Lenny and Renae….DITTO – what you both said!! that’s like saying Santa Claus wears red. Arrogant, rude, and yes a stank attitude to boot.

  6. I promise you too many Housewives stans are way too sensitive and fragile. They really expect NeNe to be all warm, fuzzy, and sweet on a reality television show with women who all fight and bicker with her for our entertainment. Anytime NeNe has been arrogant on RHOA, she was arguing with someone. Every single RHOA has been arrogant and y’all know it. Kandi said she can buy every housewife on the show with her wealth. Kenya said she’s the smartest and most successful, beautiful woman there. Cynthia said she is too gorgeous to pay a man to date her. Porsha literally wears crowns to the reunion and calls herself the queen. Phaedra bragged about being a lawyer and having multiple jobs. Sheree was literally the most arrogant person on season one and said NeNe wasn’t rich or popular enough to come to her upscale event. Kim used to brag about her married sugar daddy, and later football player husband and kids. I can go on. Stop being cry babies. Why are y’all watching Real Housewives when you’re too sensitive to let them do their jobs without being offended all the time? It’s beyond annoying now.

  7. The entire purpose of Real Housewives was for a group of women to show off their wealth and affluent lifestyles with catfighting mixed in. Y’all knew that when y’all started watching. So quit acting like y’all are offended by arrogance. Y’all are not. Y’all just don’t like NeNe and that’s fine. But the fake sh-t and holier than thou comments are corny. If NeNe is arrogant, all the Atlanta housewives are. And that makes sense considering what comes with the job. They get paid to sh-t talk. It ain’t that deep.

  8. I’ve been critical of NeNe on here over the years because I didn’t appreciate how she came for Kenya, but it’s interesting to see people have an issue with NeNe’s arrogance when Phaedra’s overrated read of Kenya was literally her bragging about being married to Apollo and having children and saying Kenya wouldn’t be able to do more than have a baby via a sp*rm donor. That was peak arrogance and very gross, but was applauded by many. So this topic is silly. Loni should be more professional. When she’s messy like this, it makes Tamar’s accusations more believable.

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