Marsau Scott Claps Back After LAMH Fan Says Martell Holt & Melody Holt Made Him Famous

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The drama on LAMH has a lot of people talking on social media.

Love & Marriage: Hunstville” became a smash hit for OWN just one season in. Although the show started off focusing on the business relationships between three couples, the drama didn’t take too long to show up outside of real estate transactions. One of the biggest scandals involved the Holts. Melody Holt and Martell Holt seemed like a power couple. But once the cracks began to show, they opened up about their marriage issues. For Melody, it was hurtful to find out that Martell had been unfaithful. While she accused him of cheating with multiple women, his longtime affair with Arionne Curry stung the most. According to Melody, he had been messing around with Arionne for several years.

The former couple tried to work things out. They didn’t want the longtime affair to be the cause of their marriage’s demise. However, Melody began to suspect Martell was sleeping with Arionne again at the height of the pandemic. So she filed for divorce. Later, she found out that Arionne was pregnant with Martell’s baby.

Interestingly enough, Martell and Arionne dragged Marsau Scott and Maurice Scott into the scandal. Both have accused the brothers of cheating on their wives. And the cheating accusations will be addressed on the upcoming season of the show.

Regardless, Marsau isn’t here for LAMH fans telling him that the Holts made him famous.

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  1. But that person was reaching. He wasn’t shading Melody. And she and Martell are not gods. They are people and the show wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for the ensemble cast it has. Stans are so annoying.

  2. If I were Marsau I wouldn’t’ve dignified that comment with a response.
    The couples weren’t in competition with each other. I like seeing Black success but it all went left when things got said and accusations were made but the coup de grâce was Marty and Melody’s situationship. That got ran into the ground! The entire focus(so I thought)was Black business but no it was drama-filled. LaTisha’s Mom coming to stir several pots being a busy body with everybody not just her son-in-law.
    People are entitled to their opinions.Being on tv is like being in an open-air market. Everyone can look at you, pick you up, judge you then put you back or buy you.

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