Did NeNe Leakes Throw Some Shade After Ratings for Kandi Burruss’ Spinoff Went Viral?

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After leaving RHOA, NeNe Leakes asked her supporters to boycott Bravo.

NeNe Leakes had a controversial exit from “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” During her final season on the show, she felt ganged up on. She was able to make peace with Porsha Williams. However, she got into it pretty terribly with Eva Marcille, Kenya Moore, and later Kandi Burruss. NeNe said she felt she was treated unfairly by the other women. However, she claimed she had even bigger issues behind the scenes. In her opinion, she was being treated differently than her non-black peers.

In particular, NeNe questioned why the Atlanta cast wasn’t able to secure their own standalone spinoff show like Kim Zolciak. And when she received pushback for getting physical with the cameraman, she claimed that “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice wasn’t punished for pushing Andy Cohen.

Eventually, NeNe went on to accuse Andy and Bravo of being racist. After making her comments, it remains to be seen if NeNe will ever make her return to the network. At this point, Andy doesn’t seem to be open to discussing her when asked in his interviews.

Did NeNe Leakes throw some shade after the ratings for Kandi Burruss’ show went viral?

Interestingly enough, Kandi has her own series based on her OLG restaurant. “Kandi & the Gang” recently premiered on Bravo. And it came on after the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” reunion. On the show, Kandi and Todd Tucker open up about the difficulties they are facing with their restaurant business. They are having drama with employees, plus they have had some issues with inspections.

Regardless, the couple is determined to completely turn things around. And this hasn’t stopped OLG from getting a lot of business, with lines even wrapping around the corner for the soul food cuisine.

Ratings for the series premiere came in at 491,000 live viewers. Some “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans thought these numbers were dismal in comparison to “Porsha’s Family Matters” bringing in 869,000 live viewers one episode in.

After the ratings went viral and fans made their comparisons on Twitter, Kandi and Porsha began to trend. Someone then tweeted that they decided not to watch the show. And they believed the accusations NeNe made to be true. In response to this, NeNe thanked the person.

She then penned a tweet that many suspected was shade about Kandi’s ratings.

NeNe wrote, “Listen…YOU ALREADY KNOW ?.”

In the past when NeNe and Kandi had issues, NeNe wasn’t convinced that Kandi brought much to RHOA. And she said that what would be fair is to bring back Phaedra Parks because she feels Kandi has been running from Phaedra for years.

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  1. Sigh…I like NeNe. But this was so unnecessary. I’m sure she’ll lie and say this wasn’t shade but it obviously was.

  2. People are going to be mad when Kandi’s show gets another season. Bravo loves her and that’s not changing anytime soon. All this hoopla for someone who will always come out on top!

  3. Yeah, “you already know” said the hata who has ZERO shows. Go sit down somewhere and take some time to breathe with your quick fast and in a hurry NEW Boo.

  4. Kandi is one of the most unproblematic people so if you have an issue with her, you’re probably the problem. She showed support to NeNe when Gregg died and NeNe is still being shady because she’s jealous that it’s Kandi that the producers and network love more. NeNe could have had everything she wanted and more from Bravo if she wasn’t so difficult to work with. Liking her can be exhausting at times. She keeps self sabotaging.

  5. I get it people think Kandi is boring but dragging and shading her about these ratings makes absolutely no sense because RHOA was declining in views while Nene and Porsha were still on the show. And Porsha’s spin-off may have done better than the OLG show but it wasn’t a huge hit either if we’re being honest. People are tired of RHOA and they really have to bring it next season because the interest is drying up.

  6. I stopped watching RHOA, RHOP & M2M simply because I don’t like how Black women are being portrayed.
    Sometimes there are good times until someone decides they have to bring an A & B situation to the rest of the alphabet, Always at an event too!
    I love Nene but she kinda cut her own throat publicly. If Andy is racist wouldn’t that have been a concern way before she made the accusation? No because I guess she was the main peach holder and cashing those checks.
    Same goes for Phaedra’s doings using Porsha to get at Kandi. Still don’t understand that move.
    Honestly I thought Nene has moved on totally and forgotten about anything/anybody RHOA. I hope Kandi is unbothered but social media will let anyone that’s interested know.

  7. To be honest, I hope the rest of the season with OLG is much better. When you have a popular restaurant, you shouldn’t have a line around the building with a wait time of over a hour long, that’s a big turn off from coming to this place of business. Also the reviews for both restaurants are horrible. Khandis should expand to a bigger building, with better decor (tables and chairs). This place has been here for several years and they have made some serious money because it is expensive to be soul food. All businesses just about have a backup generator, really?! Ms. millionaire Khandis Burris. Unbelievable..

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