‘Kandi & the Gang’ Recap: An OLG Employee Complains About Pay + Aunt Nora Goes Off

kandi and the gang season 1 episode 2
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On the recent episode of “Kandi & the Gang,” Kandi’s cousins Patrick and Melvin make their debut to the show. Both are very close to Kandi, so they take their jobs seriously at OLG. So when Shawndreca invites the staff out for drinks, Patrick doesn’t mind going. But what he does take issue with is Shawndreca complaining about her pay. Since he’s fiercely loyal to Kandi, he informs her about what was said. And Kandi isn’t here for it. 

Phillip continues to rub the staff the wrong way. They feel he is too cold and he most likely won’t last at OLG for very long. However, Phillip isn’t at OLG to be loved. And he’ll continue to push for a more professional restaurant no matter who he offends in the process. 

Plus, Kandi calls a meeting with her cousin Kim, Mama Joyce, Aunt Bertha, and Aunt Nora. Kim used to be a manager at OLG. However, she clashed with Mama Joyce. And she supposedly asked which other employees were leaving with her on the day she walked out. After some words are exchanged, Aunt Nora and Kim nearly come to blows. 

Here’s a recap for, “Family Recipe for Disaster.” 

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  1. That Momma Joyce has a FILTHY mouth….instead of trying to fight they should be thanking GOD they are still living and moving around without a cane or wheelchair.I remember when she tried to fight Carmine I with her niece GO TO CHURCH.I was surprised to see Miss Nora get hood but i still like her.

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