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‘Kandi & the Gang’ Recap: An OLG Employee Complains About Pay + Aunt Nora Goes Off

kandi and the gang season 1 episode 2

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Meet Patrick and Melvin.

Patrick is Kandi’s cousin and manager of the OLG parking lot. And he’s Aunt Bertha’s grandson. In a green screen interview, Patrick says he wants to be the next Kandi and be able to take care of everyone in the family. 

Melvin is Kandi’s cousin and godson. He’s also the kitchen manager. At times, Kandi feels like Todd is too hard on him. Todd disagrees. 

Patrick and Melvin are like brothers and grew up together. Now they even live together. 

Although Patrick has been a ladies’ man for years, he says he put up his “player jersey” when he met his current girlfriend Safari.

Brandon and Dom’Unique spend more time together. 

Dom’Unique and Brandon go on their first date after flirting for a while on the job at OLG. For Brandon, he loves the charisma that Dom has. And she manages to grab everyone’s attention when she’s in the room. Her lifelong dream is to dance for Beyonce on tour one day. But she got a big break when she was hired to dance in Kandi’s dungeon tour.

Their date goes well but Dom isn’t happy when Brandon tries to kiss her. She doesn’t believe in kissing on the first date.

Torin is thinking his return to OLG will be successful. 

Dom’Unique and Shawneca catch up with Torin at his place. He tells them that he wasn’t paid for putting together the recent event for OLG. But he doesn’t mind this because he’s been in talks to return to OLG. He left because he felt overworked and under-appreciated. But it seems like things will be better the second time around.  

They change the topic and discuss Shawndreca’s love life. She doesn’t want to talk about her recent date with Brandon. But Torin doesn’t see the big deal because multiple employees at OLG have dated.

Cousin Kim is on the outs with Mama Joyce.

Melvin FaceTimes Kandi and Todd while he’s at Aunt Bertha’s place cooking. They discuss Kandi’s cousin Kim who also happens to be Aunt Bertha’s daughter. At one point in time, she was a manager at OLG. But it went left. She claims the issue was Mama Joyce cursed her out. But Kandi is hopeful all the ladies can hash it out and Kim can return. 

As for Mama Joyce, she says she hated the way Kim quit. According to her, when Kim left, she asked which employees were leaving with her. 

Phillip isn’t trying to win over the staff.

It’s Brian’s first day back. He used to be a bartender but now he’s a server. He has a tense conversation with Phillip. And Phillip lets him know that if he gets off track, he will be checked. In a green screen interview, Phillip says he heard Brian did what he wanted to do when he worked there. But he’s not having it.

Phillip’s lack of desire to warm up to the staff at any point continues to bother them. He’s not interested when Shawndreca invites him and everyone else out for drinks. In a green screen interview, Phillip says it’s unprofessional to go out drinking with the staff. So he won’t be going. And Brian feels like Phillip is an “a*shole.” 

There’s love in Phillip’s life.

Phillip vents about work when he’s at home with his boyfriend Felipe.  They’ve been together for about a year and Felipe is from Brazil. He was visiting Atlanta and they just had an attraction to each other instantly. After Phillip lost his mother, it’s nice to have Felipe in his life to talk to and be there for him. Phillip just wishes Felipe lived in Atlanta full time.

Brian and Torin hooked up in the past but they are like brothers now. In a green screen interview, Brian says he couldn’t keep dealing with Torin romantically because his “manhood” is too big. 

Patrick isn’t feeling the staff’s complaints about OLG.

Brandon, Shawndreca, Patrick, Torin, Brian, Rashard, and Dom’Unique go out for drinks. In a green screen interview, Shawndreca says that she and Patrick had a thing for four months. But she feels like Patrick was too immature for her. So she moved on and found love with her fiancee June. They have been engaged for two years.

They discuss Phillip. Brandon feels like Phillip can be too harsh. And the staff isn’t convinced that he will even last at OLG long because most usually don’t. 

Patrick gets irritated when Shawdreca complains that they only get paid $12 an hour and other places like Family Dollar pay $18. In a green screen interview, Patrick says he’s always going to be loyal to Kandi. So everyone there needs to be careful about what they say. 

Kim upsets Aunt Nora.

Kandi holds a meeting to get her aunts, Mama Joyce, and her cousin Kim to hash things out. Kim is still upset about how things went down which led to her quitting OLG. She says the last time she spoke to Mama Joyce, she cursed her out and said that they need to get the OLG kitchen together because it is her “motherf*cking kitchen.”

Mama Joyce gets irate and denies saying this. 

Kandi tells Kim that she didn’t like that she asked the other employees if they wanted to leave with her after she quit OLG.

Aunt Nora ends up threatening Kim and saying she will beat her up because she heard what she said that day and Kim is not being honest. 

Kandi calms everyone down and pushes for them to all forgive each other and move forward. 

Kim apologizes and while everyone else appreciates this, Aunt Nora doesn’t. When Aunt Bertha pushes them to hug it out, Aunt Nora refuses. And Kandi realizes it’s not a good idea for Kim to return to OLG just yet. 

Kandi responds to Shawndreca’s comments.

Patrick and Kandi catch up. He tells her that when he went out with some of the other staff members, they complained that the food at OLG isn’t consistent enough. And they aren’t being paid enough. 

When Kandi asks who said they weren’t being paid enough, Patrick says Shawndreca said this. In a green screen interview, Kandi says Shawndreca barely shows up to work. But if she had an issue, she should tell the people who actually write her check.

Changes were made to the event space so Don Juan tells Torin to go there to check it out. When he gets to the space, he sees Phillip is sitting there. And Phillip invites him to chat.

Well, the conversation doesn’t go well. Torin thinks Phillip is arrogant and Phillip thinks Torin is unprofessional. So it’s clear they will be bumping heads moving forward. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. I Love Porsha

    March 14, 2022 at 2:43 am

    That Momma Joyce has a FILTHY mouth….instead of trying to fight they should be thanking GOD they are still living and moving around without a cane or wheelchair.I remember when she tried to fight Carmine I with her niece GO TO CHURCH.I was surprised to see Miss Nora get hood but i still like her.

  2. justmyopinioninVA

    March 14, 2022 at 3:09 pm

    I believe everything Kim said, it sounded just like something Mama Joyce would say.

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