‘Power Book IV: Force’ Recap: Tommy Moves Forward with Claudia + Walter Gets Even

power book 4 force season 1 episode 6
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On the recent episode of “Power Book IV: Force,” the shootout with the Serbs is fresh on Diamond, Jenard, and Vic’s minds. They decide it would be best to cool off from Tommy. They buy him out and plan to sell his drugs on their own. As for Tommy, he isn’t too worried. His plans with Claudia are in motion. And their designer drug is already becoming a hit with those who have had it. 

Jenard wants more information on Tommy, so he has an associate follow him to only find out that Tommy knows his father JP. 

After Vic is shot at, he comes to the conclusion that it’s probably the Serbs who fired at him. So Walter puts aside his anger for Vic working with Tommy to get even. 

Plus, Claudia has to pull the trigger on a friend once she cuts them out of the new business involving her designer drug. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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