Tammy Rivera Responds After Fan Tells Her to Get Back Together with Waka Flocka

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Co-parenting has been working out for Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera.

Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka have been through a lot. This has been addressed plenty of “What the Flocka.” And for Tammy, the hardest thing for them to overcome was Waka’s cheating. Although Tammy decided to work things out with Waka, she received a lot of backlash. In fact, people criticized her for her choice on social media. At times, Tammy felt the need to clap back, too. Regardless, Waka said that although he was wrong to cheat; cheating made Tammy stronger. He knew it wasn’t easy for her to deal with criticism in such a public way.

Well, Waka and Tammy have separated. Despite their breakup, they have still been filming the show. And Tammy addressed this recently on Instagram Live.

She said, “I’ve been filming for the new show…it’s been pretty good this season. It’s been really good. Even though me and Waka not together, we still have this show. So we still have to film the show. And it’s been pretty cool. It’s been pretty good.”

Tammy continued, “Waka and Charlie [Williams] is good. Really good. They are together all of the time. He just picked her up a cell phone without me knowing. I feel like we gotta co-parent…we didn’t even co-parent good when we were in the same d*mn household. It ain’t gon be no better now that we’re separated and in different households. He still do what the h*ll he wanna do. But that’s his baby so I understand.”

She also wasn’t feeling it when someone told her to work things out with Waka, “You get back together with your man. Talking bout some get back together.”

Plus, she clarified once again that she and Waka are in a good place despite being separated. And he’s still in her daughter Charlie’s life, “Y’all not about to Waka me to death with no d*mn questions talking bout Waka and all that stuff. I said the man fine. Him and Charlie good. We good. We are not together and that’s cool. We’re good, we’re in good spaces.”

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  1. She’s been over that marriage honestly. She probably stayed because of how much Waka loves Charlie.

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