‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser & Girlfriend Go Off on Each Other Amid Fallout with His Daughter

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Ceaser’s fallout with his daughter has been a hot topic.

Black Ink Crew” fans had a lot to say about the recent episode on social media. Ceaser has been stressed out about his daughter. While they used to have a good relationship, things changed once he met his current girlfriend Suzette. She’s a real estate agent. And after she did some business with Ceaser, a romance ensued. They eventually got a house together in Atlanta. Ceaser’s daughter Cheyenne came to stay with them for a period of time. While things went well initially, tension began. Cheyenne started to feel like Ceaser was treating Suzette’s children better than her. Things blew up and Cheyenne took to social media to accuse Ceaser of abuse.

She also called out Suzette. Cheyenne accused Suzette of being an opportunist with content on P*rnhub. In response to this, Suzette made accusations of her own. And she made claims about Cheyenne’s s*x history. Fans immediately slammed Suzette for coming this way at a minor. So backlash was thick on social media.

Interestingly enough, Ceaser had more to say about the situation on the show than online. He said that he felt Cheyenne was wrong to come for Suzette. However, Teddy told Ceaser that Suzette should have known better than to respond the way she did to his child. And he takes issue with the fact that things went down like that.

Regardless, Ceaser would later tell fans that he had to remove Cheyenne from his life because she lied about being abused.

On the upcoming episode, Ceaser and Suzette clash because Ceaser couldn’t promise that he could spend a lot of time in Columbia while Suzette received reconstructive plastic surgery. Things get really heated when Ceaser accuses Suzette of not caring about his fallout with Cheyenne.

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  1. They must be arguing for a storyline because Ceaser has already chosen this woman over Cheyenne and didn’t see an issue with his decision. I don’t doubt this is one of the reasons why the ratings are so bad.

  2. No she didn’t Yoshi because Ceaser said Cheyenne was in the wrong. So this little scene here is definitely just for TV as Viv correctly assessed.

  3. I can’t do anything but shake my head at this entire situation. I remember how much the fans hated Dutchess but she actually paid Ceaser’s child support when he was broke and encouraged him to be a good father. Your significant other should never come in between your relationship with your child. I’m pretty sure Suzette wouldn’t allow Ceaser to disrespect any of her children though.

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