‘Kandi & the Gang’ Recap: Shawndreca Confronts Patrick + Kandi Wants Todd to Do More

Photo Credit: Bravo

On the recent episode of “Kandi & the Gang,” Shawndreca decides that she isn’t ready to walk away from OLG. However, her conversation with Kandi and Todd bothers her. And she realizes that someone she works with has been “snitching” on her. She wants to find out just exactly who is going around and telling them what she’s been saying. 

She eventually comes to the conclusion that Patrick is the person repeating her comments. However, Patrick refuses to admit what he’s been doing. In his eyes, he’s not a “rat.” 

Brandon and Dom’Unique decide to make their relationship exclusive. This comes as Dom’Unique receives good news about her dancing career. 

And Brian learns his fate at OLG after he was suspended for breaking a rule. He’s surprised when Phillip shows him a softer and fair side. 

Here’s a recap for, “He Looks Like a Snitch.” 

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