‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Calls Out Alex Over Social Media Comments

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Ceaser became fed up with Donna.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser has an interesting history with Alex. This is due to the complicated history he’s also had with Alex’s ex Donna. In fact, Ceaser has fired Donna multiple times. However, it may stick this time. Donna annoyed Ceaser when she told him she no longer wanted to do tattoos. Instead, she wanted to sell her CBD products. She had a line of juices that had been infused with CBD. So she wanted to sell them in Ceaser’s shop. Ceaser felt like this was absolutely ridiculous. But the final straw for him was a comment Donna made about Asians being killed at an Atlanta spa. Plus, he truly believed that Donna put her hands on Alex.

Alex only fueled the speculation after he told producers that Donna was responsible for a scratch on his face. However, he would later walk back his comments. And he said that he was shaving while they were arguing. So he accidentally cut his face.

Regardless, Ceaser decided to ban Donna from all of the shops. So her time on “Black Ink Crew” has come to an end. Donna said that she felt like Alex threw her under the bus. And she questions his decisions because it was Ceaser and Teddy who jumped him.

Well, Ceaser and Alex will have more issues on the upcoming episode. And Ceaser confronts Alex about comments he made on social media.

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  1. Ok Alex…tell everybody how you TRULY feel.
    Try to clean it up just like that scratch you received from your razor. ????????

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