‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Calls Out Alex Over Social Media Comments

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Ceaser upset Donna when he accused her of being violent towards Alex.

Alex and Ceaser have had some explosive moments on “Black Ink Crew.” In fact, Ceaser would often take his issues with Donna out on Alex. He and Teddy even jumped Alex because they were angry about things Donna said. Since they couldn’t put their hands on Donna, they decided to get violent with Alex.

Donna jumped into the altercation to have Alex’s back. And he said that he suffered some major back injuries. At one point, he didn’t think he’d even be able to tattoo again. Interestingly enough, Ceaser began to feel remorseful about his actions. He made peace with Alex and they have appeared to maintain a good relationship even after Ceaser fired Donna over abuse accusations.

Donna has denied putting her hands on Alex. But Alex did originally blame her for a scratch he had on his face. He would later backtrack. And he said that he accidentally cut himself while shaving in the middle of an argument.

Ceaser truly believes Donna has gotten violent with Alex. So he told her she is banned from all of his shops. So her time on the show has ended.

Alex’s Instagram comment rubbed Ceaser the wrong way.

Donna has taken to social media to call out Alex, Ceaser, and others. She said Alex wasn’t loyal and he threw her under the bus because he knew that she never hit him.

Interestingly enough, Ceaser will have an issue with Alex also on the upcoming episode. In the preview, Ceaser isn’t happy with a comment Alex made on social media. Apparently, someone said they are proud of Alex’s growth. And they are happy that Alex met someone like Ceaser.

In response to this, Alex wrote, “I appreciate the first part. Second part you bugging.”

Well, Ceaser didn’t appreciate Alex’s comment. While discussing the comment in the preview, Ceaser says, “I keep thinking about the bullsh*t Alex posted about me. Somebody gonna have to pay.”

And he tells Alex, “We can’t talk about each other like that. Not on no big platform like that.”

Alex and Ceaser’s issue won’t be the only source of drama. Tati also tells Ceaser she wants him to help her open up a Black Ink in Long Island. But her current legal problems make Ceaser uneasy.

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  1. Ok Alex…tell everybody how you TRULY feel.
    Try to clean it up just like that scratch you received from your razor. ????????

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