‘Kandi & the Gang’ Recap: Brandon is Confronted About His Romance with Dom’Unique

kandi and the gang season 1 episode 6
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Patrick makes his own decision. 

Shawndreca recaps her conversation with Kandi and Todd. She really believes that Patrick is the one who has been repeating her comments. Melvin is another likely suspect. 

Patrick and Melvin show off their new place to Kandi. She isn’t feeling it when Patrick says he won’t be able to have a housewarming party because Safari doesn’t want him to. Kandi tells Patrick that he should make his own decisions. So Patrick decides he’s going to have a housewarming party. 

Shawndreca gets answers. 

Kandi and Todd are informed about Brandon and Dom’Unique’s romance. They are not okay with the general manager dating someone on the job. So something has to be done. On a positive note, Todd tells Mama Joyce and Kandi that he changed his mind. He will spend some time in the kitchen to see how hard the kitchen staff works.

Don Juan checks in on Brian. He and others are worried about his sobriety. He admits that he has been drinking wine and a little tequila recently. But he wants Don Juan to focus on the progress he’s made. 

When Don Juan learns Shawndreca has been trying to figure out who “snitched” on her, he tells her he has her on camera saying Todd and Kandi “don’t give a f*ck” about what happens at OLG. She’s shocked that she was caught this way and no one told on her. 

Don Juan wants Shawndreca to now see why it’s important that she cleans up her act. 

 Dom’Unique and Brandon’s relationship is a problem.

Todd and Kandi spend a day in the OLG kitchen. For Todd, seeing how much work it takes to run the kitchen was eye-opening. He now believes everyone who works in the kitchen deserves respect. 

Kandi takes Mama Joyce to Safari’s spa to get a non-surgical butt lift. She also talks to Safari about the housewarming issue. And Safari says she doesn’t want to be a controlling girlfriend. She just didn’t want Shawndreca around because Shawndreca doesn’t like her.

Phillip and Don Juan confront Brandon about his work romance with Dom’Unique. They show him footage of him and Dom’Unique making out in front of the security camera. This is unacceptable. And now Brandon must figure out how to clean up the situation. While he was thinking Dom’Unique could be transferred to another restaurant, Don Juan says this isn’t an option. 

Brandon gives Dom’Unique an update. 

Dom’Unique is touring in London for Rick Ross. She’s really excited about this. And she knows it is going to be great for her dance career. She’s surprised when Brandon pops up at her rehearsal. 

He tells her about the footage, and Todd and Kandi taking issue with their relationship. It’s even been suggested that one of them can leave and work at Blaze instead. So for now, Dom’Unique and Brandon can chill out on the public displays of affection. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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