‘Kandi & the Gang’ Recap: Todd & Kandi Are Accused of Hypocrisy + Patrick Has Party Drama

kandi and the gang season 1 episode 7
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Brandon and Dom’Unique discuss being caught on camera. 

Brandon recaps the drama with Shawndreca to Torin and Patrick. They are shocked that she was actually caught on camera saying Kandi and Todd “don’t give a f*ck” about what happens at OLG. As for Shawndreca, she recaps the situation to Dom’Unique. She said she didn’t know she even said it until Don Juan played it for her. 

Dom’Unique confirms she and Brandon were caught on camera making out. So now everyone knows they are in a relationship. She doesn’t want to have to be transferred to another restaurant. And Brandon wants to tell everyone they broke up and just be professional at work while keeping their romance private moving forward. 

In a green screen interview, Patrick says he doesn’t think it’s wrong for a manager to date an employee. And Todd was dating Kandi while he was a producer for RHOA. 

Patrick gives a happy update and tells the fellas he plans on asking Safari to marry him. 

The housewarming party isn’t drama-free.

Patrick has Aunt Nora, Mama Joyce, and Aunt Bertha have a baking contest. He is a judge right along with Kandi, Melvin, and Todd. The OLGs are allowed to vote as well. Mama Joyce is victorious with her angel cake. In a green screen interview, Aunt Nora and Mama Joyce say that Melvin and Patrick shouldn’t have been judges because they will always pick Bertha’s cake because she’s their grandmother. Regardless fun times are had. 

Patrick decides to have a housewarming with no furniture. So he calls it a “standing social.” This is not something the guests are thrilled about. For the entertainment, Brian sings a rendition of “Amazing Grace” that lasts for 15 minutes.

The party gets awkward once Dom’Unique and Brandon arrive because they reveal that Shawndreca and June came with them. But they are outside because Dom’Unique wants to make sure that Patrick and Safari are okay with them being there. Interestingly enough, Patrick invited the couple to the housewarming when they were all together having drinks. 

However, Patrick says he changed his mind after he spoke to Safari. So they never received official invites. Dom’Unique has no interest in going outside and telling her friends they can’t come in. So Patrick, Safari, and Torin agree to do it. 

Dom’Unique and Brandon raise eyebrows. 

Shawndreca and June take the news well and leave without any issues. But it’s clear this will come up again since Shawndreca didn’t like that Dom’Unique didn’t tell her they couldn’t come in. And Kandi and the others think it’s not cool that Patrick invited them and didn’t tell them he changed his mind. 

This wasn’t the only source of drama. The OLGs take issue with how affectionate and touchy-feely Brandon and Dom’Unique are with each other at the party. They feel a manager should be more respectful. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. Hmm I don’t know if it’s fair to compare Todd and Kandi to Brandon and Dom’Unique. Todd was a producer but not the one in charge I believe. Brandon has actual hiring and firing power.

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