Chris Bassett Goes off on Gizelle Bryant & Gives Her a Warning

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Gizelle Bryant stays in drama on RHOP.

Filming for the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Potomac” is underway. Interestingly enough, there are already a lot of rumors spreading around. In fact, it’s been alleged that Gizelle Bryant may have fallen out with Candiace Dillard. Bloggers noticed that Candiace unfollowed Gizelle on Instagram. Not too long after, reports came out. It’s rumored that Gizelle accused Chris Bassett of being inappropriate with her. And she supposedly said that the alleged situation took place at last season’s reunion. While the details didn’t specify what the alleged inappropriate behavior was, some fans of the show believe that Chris may have been accused of hitting on Gizelle.

This isn’t the first time Gizelle had made accusations about the husbands on the show. Last season, she was the one who brought up cheating rumors about Eddie Osefo. This didn’t sit well with Wendy Osefo. So she called Gizelle out for her actions. And since she believes Gizelle was being malicious, their friendship soured. Eddie and Wendy have denied there is any truth to the gossip.

Prior to the Eddie rumor, Gizelle also participated in spreading the rumors about Monique Samuels. After Monique fell out with a friend, rumors began circulating about her marriage. She was accused of having an affair with her personal trainer. It was even alleged that Chase Samuels wasn’t Chris Samuels’ biological child.

Monique denied that the rumors were true. And she strongly believed Gizelle discussed this with the other cast members to attack her marriage.

Then, of course, there was the time that Gizelle accused Ray Huger of having a crush on her close friend Erika Liles.

To no surprise, Chris isn’t happy about the accusations. Hours ago, he vented. Plus, he gave Gizelle a stern warning.

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  1. I’m confused as to why Candiace and Chris thought they’d be off limits. Wendy too. Gizelle does this kind of stuff to everyone except Robyn. That’s why kissing her a-s is a waste of time.

  2. Chris is playing right into Gizelle’s trap and he doesn’t even realize it. He should have listened to that fan on Twitter.

  3. @ Queen Oh he’s definitely falling right for the set up. We know how Gizelle loves to do dirt, then play victim and accuse people of being violent and threatening her. Can’t forget how she did Chris Samuels.

  4. I think the only person who knows how to handle Gizelle is Karen. When she blatantly lies and accuses you or your spouse of something, you don’t need to get riled up and react. All this does is draw it out and extend it as a storyline – which is what Gizelle wants. You stay unbothered, give her a good read and move on. Don’t give her life and a storyline. And Pat is absolutely correct. She will say that Chris is being aggressive and she’s uncomfortable now. Her strategy never changes. I need Candiace and Chris to not fall for the bait. But it looks like they will.

  5. The crazy thing is Candiace’s mother has said much worse about Chris ON the show. The disrespect he has to deal with is insane.

  6. I didn’t agree with Monique putting her hands on Candiace but man she’s been right about a lot of things since she left. She predicted that Wendy’s marriage would be the next one Gizelle went after, that happened. And now it’s Candiace and Chris seeing that Monique didn’t lie when she said Gizelle likes to attack people’s marriages. Next season will be good.

  7. Gizelle doesn’t care about anything he’s saying. When will these people learn? This is a game to her. Her kids are the only thing she’ll get upset about.

  8. Ole Gizzard always has a way to make herself a plot line. She is about to run out of couples,Ashley and Michael divorcing.

  9. Misery loves company Gizzard can’t keep a Man.You don’t have to put out another person light out to shine yall can shine together.

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