Gizelle Bryant Remains Unbothered After Chris Bassett Calls Her Out

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

It doesn’t seem as if Gizelle Bryant is worried about Chris Bassett’s recent tweets.

Gizelle Bryant may officially be on Chris Bassett’s bad side. The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star is already the target of rumors regarding the upcoming season. The cast is currently filming. And fans and bloggers noticed that Candiace Dillard unfollowed Gizelle on Instagram. Not too long after, it was rumored that Gizelle accused Chris of being inappropriate with her. And she allegedly said that this allegedly happened at last season’s reunion.

While neither Gizelle nor Candiace have addressed the reports, Chris has been vocal on Twitter. In fact, he’s very upset about what he’s been accused of. He believes the current accusations are a real attack on his character. And he’s ready to fight back for the sake of his integrity.

Chris also said that Gizelle is a miserable person to even accuse him of such. And at this point, he promised Gizelle will be sorry that she ever went down this road.

Some fans of the show asked Chris to calm down and be careful with his tweets. They don’t want any blowback to come Candiace and Chris’ way. However, Chris doesn’t care about anything but clearing his name.

As for Gizelle, she took to social media not too long after Chris’ tweets went viral. And in her Instagram post, she seemed pretty unbothered. She was dancing in the clip she posted.

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  1. Gizelle never have a story line her story is to attack others marriage or whatever..
    Monique had her number, she couldn’t open her mouth, she was red as a tomato
    and she was angry. Her own father said this was some BS that he was not falling
    for or being around. That husband of hers had her in the mental hospital, so she
    can’t say sh*t about anyone’s marriage or life. Your husband was getting women in the church pregnant right and left..STFU Gizelle

  2. Giselle is always stirring someone’s pot. Chris is falling for the okkey dokkey. He should know better considering he’s married to Candice.

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