Sheree Whitfield Says Kandi Burruss Has Too Much Power + Wants Phaedra Parks Back on RHOA

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Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks had a very ugly fallout.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Phaedra Parks had a very controversial exit from the show. During season 9, her issues with Kandi Burruss worsened. Phaedra soured on the friendship after she split from Apollo Nida. Apollo was headed back to prison for fraud, and he left some of his belongings over at Kandi and Todd Tucker’s home. When Phaedra found out, she was heated. She felt like Kandi had shown more support to Apollo than she did Phaedra. This bothered her because she said the divorce was painful. However, Kandi didn’t see it this way. She accused Phaedra of moving on quickly to another man. And Kandi also claimed that Phaedra was discussing marrying the man. So Kandi took it as Phaedra was handling the divorce well. She didn’t think holding Apollo’s items would be upsetting.

As Phaedra moved on from the friendship, she got closer to Porsha Williams. Porsha’s own friendship with Kandi was also deteriorating at the time, so gossiping about Kandi was something they didn’t mind doing.

Things took a turn while Porsha and Kandi were arguing. Kandi called Porsha out about sleeping with her ex and Riley Burruss’ father, Block. At some point in the show, Porsha said she heard that Kandi and Todd said they wanted to drug her. Then they planned to have their way with her in their “s*x dungeon.”

Kandi was in shock by Porsha’s accusations. But what she didn’t see coming was the revelation made at the reunion. When the pressure was on Porsha about the lie, she admitted that it was Phaedra who told her this.

Phaedra Parks’ return would result in Kandi Burruss’ exit.

Phaedra did not return to the following season. And she’s been away from the show since. Back then, Andy Cohen said that the network didn’t fire Phaedra. But none of the other cast members wanted to film with her after that. So her contract wasn’t renewed.

Kandi has also been vocal about Phaedra’s possible return to the show. She said she would leave the show if Phaedra ever came back. But she will leave it in Bravo’s hands to choose who they wanted on the cast.

Even though Kandi has given Bravo and RHOA producers the freedom to bring back Phaedra in her absence, some fans have accused Kandi of having way too much power. Apparently, Sheree Whitfield agrees with this sentiment. And she broke it down recently with former RHOA Executive Producer, Carlos King.

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  1. You know, I used to be one of those people that wanted Kandi to get over this just so Phaedra could come back. But then I got older and realized that I was really out of my mind, toxic, and selfish to feel that way. I personally would not want to work with someone who lied on me and had people thinking I’m a r*pist who drugs people. That’s an evil thing to do. Kandi doesn’t have too much power. She put all of the power in Bravo’s hands and they can bring Phaedra back whenever they choose to. But she doesn’t have to be around her and why on Earth should she be forced to be? What Carlos and Sheree want here is a toxic work environment. That says a lot about them. And I want Melody to pay close attention to who she is working with.

  2. Sheree can’t compare her past feuds to Kandi being accused of actual r-pe. People have to be playing stupid, right?

  3. Sheree would say this because she’d do anything for a check. Kandi can’t relate because she’s a successful woman with multiple streams of income. So she doesn’t have to demean herself and be disrespected for a coin. Bravo could fire Kandi and bring back Phaedra anytime they want to. They haven’t because they don’t want to. Watch RHUGT if you miss Phaedra that much.

  4. This is dumb as f-ck and I would think Carlos and Sheree would have been too smart to say stupid sh-t like this. RHOA is a job. How many people would be okay with their employer keeping someone around who lied on them about r-pe? Matter of fact, most would be ready to sue if their employer forced them to work with someone who accused them of being a r-pist. It’s one thing to want Phaedra back, I get it. But trying to make Kandi out to be a power hungry villain considering the situation is some sick sh-t. Carlos needs to be careful with this podcast. This wasn’t a good look considering he has new shows on another network. Ignoring people’s boundaries for ratings is a pathway to a lawsuit and being cut off from OWN.

  5. Phaedra isn’t that entertaining for people to be excusing what she did like this. People literally are sent to prison for dragging and r-ping people. Phaedra was a bore on Marriage Boot Camp and she’s probably going to be boring on RHUGT. She was overhyped because people hated Kenya.

  6. This is messy when you know the history. Carlos fell out with Todd when they produced a reality show together. He said this question in a way that was biased and set up Sheree’s answer. On top of that, Carlos has given Melody way more power on LAMH than Kandi has on RHOA. Arionne can’t do the show and Melody won’t film with Martell. He’s fine with that though. But he’s making Kandi out to be power hungry when it’s Porsha who has all the power. This was personal. And Sheree doesn’t realize she’s being used.

  7. FYI, I don’t mind Melody refusing to film with Martell and Arionne not being allowed on the show. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy and Carlos’ messy agenda. He’s mad at Kandi over business stuff and this was vindictive and nasty because now she’s being dragged and labeled as some monster with all the power at Bravo.

    1. Please believe Carlos will change his mind and bring Arionne on the show if the ratings drop low enough. He’ll force Melody to film with Martell at that point as well. Producers rarely care about the well being of the cast. Carlos is no different. He’s just waiting it out. LOL.

  8. Carlos disappeared for a few years because it was said that he was the producer who told Phaedra that horrible lie. He just now cleared his reputation and he said in that housewives book that Phaedra lying on him nearly ruined his life. Now I’m sure he won’t work with her ever again, but here he is lying about Kandi having too much power when she simply said she’d leave if Phaedra returned. Just wow!

  9. Phaedra is not going to save this show. She’ll come back and ratings still won’t be great. She wasn’t even a ratings draw on MBC. I think people just really don’t like Kandi because they are jealous she’s had more success than their faves. I personally like her. She does a lot for other people and that’s why she’s always being blessed.

  10. I really hope Kandi is doing okay today and her mental health is strong. It’s disturbing how some of us are downplaying what was done to her and making her out to be the bad guy. People will excuse anything to defend reality stars and keep reality shows as toxic as possible.

  11. Kind of confused as to why Carlos and Sheree don’t understand that everybody isn’t desperate for money. Some of us have boundaries and know are worth. Reality shows come and go. Kandi is wise to choose her peace.

  12. Oh please. Phaedra’s storyline ended when she divorced Apollo. He was the one that brought the mess back then. Sheree is so foolish. She better not get mad if Kandi stops fooling with her after this.

  13. Sheree ???? oh such a hater she is. In her discombobulated world I guess she thinks Kandi had some direct call to get Phaedra fired. No, Phaedra sunk her own ship by using Porsha to defame Kandi. It was underhanded and downright evil to do that to a close friend but why though?
    Honestly, I no longer watch the show nor spin-offs because I don’t like how my people are being portrayed a lot of the time.
    You don’t see a lot of reasoning just drama.

  14. A lot of these other housewives are very jealous of Kandi. They hate that she came on the show rich and then used the platform to become even richer. And let’s be real, Kandi ain’t wielding no power over Bravo. Bravo does what Bravo wants to do. They could fire Kandi and bring Phaedra back on. But she’s a liability they don’t feel is worth risking anything for. If Phaedra can tell that kind of lie, she’s capable of doing much worse to someone and guess who gets sued? Bravo. Sheree really needs to stop speaking like she has been through anything similar. She hasn’t. And Kandi has been the most open and transparent person on the show for years now. She’s been made uncomfortable plenty for the sake of the show, including the times Carlos went behind her back and put Block on the show to be messy. He really needs to stop before Kandi stops showing him grace and exposes what he’s done. There are some pretty awful rumors about Carlos. Does he want them to be repeated on a TV show millions are watching? He would allow that? Of course not. I can’t stand how delusional and fake people are being about this. Any sane person would be done with Phaedra if she did it to them. Leave Kandi alone.

  15. These Housewives Beyotches stay jealous of Kandi. Kandi was successful & rich before Bravo and will remain successful and rich if/when Bravo ends. Seats Haters!

  16. Sheree has always had a jealous spirit. She thought she’d be the it girl on RHOA, but it ended up being Nene. And she’s probably jealous that Kandi has never been fired but she’s been let go multiple times. Maybe she has PTSD from being fired so much that now she’s willing to do anything to keep her spot this time so she expects Kandi to be just as desperate.

  17. Sheree…the chick who was waiting on a jailbird to get out for a storyline…chile please. Git yo fashions together before your’e fired once “AGAIN” Boo!

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