‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: K. Michelle and Lyrica Clash, Yet Again + A1 Apologizes?

marriage boot camp season 19 episode 6
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On the latest, “Marriage Boot Camp,” K. Michelle and Lyrica continue their latest tussle. Bottles are thrown and the ladies have to be separated, which makes the other couples very uncomfortable.

While K. Michelle apologizes to them all for her actions, A1 and Lyrica separate themselves, which irritates the couples even further.

A1 does his best to diffuse the situation, speaking to K. Michelle and Kastan. However, this leads to the third blowup between K. Michelle and Lyrica.

Despite this, Dr. Ish and Judge Toler have the couples use puppets and large dice to help them work on communication within their intimate moments.

Here’s the recap for, “50 Shades of K”.

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  1. I used to love A1 & Lyrica but this trip I could have done without them being on the show, it’s sad because I was looking forward to seeing them both. That thing with the phones spooked me, they could have stayed home and talked on the phones.

  2. This episode was an absolute sh-t show.
    Let’s just break it on down to the real deal Holyfield shall we?

    1) Lyrica & Steak Sauce: Lyrica clearly doesn’t want her husband. That was a known fact on L&HH. She made a move with their child. I was actually very proud of her for doing that. So now yet another show now to take jabs at her husband. It’s clear she wants get back.

    2) K.Michelle & Kastan: I’m still not quite understanding their dynamic. Except she wants a child. She has a son already why not mother him? I’m wondering if she can carry a baby, doesn’t she still have silicone floating around in her body? I think she’s being too demanding of that man and I’m surprised he hasn’t run away.
    MBC knew what they were doing when they cast these 2 couples on the show. It’s funny to me how K. Michelle & Lyrica we’re having small talk day one…the fuse was lit.

    1. @Octlibra You Win! Insight on 10. Lyrica & A1 could actually make it with therapy. They really love each other. K. will stay a disappointment for me. College educated and ignorant af. Messy as hell. Makes me wonder about her dentist “fiance”. I believe she wants him to father her child because he’s a good specimen and he’s still there AND Idris didn’t work out ???? and yup she needs to focus on the kid that’s here. I wonder how a child feels constantly seeing their parents focus is on another child that’s not even here yet but probably feels like the kid here has everything money can buy and shouldn’t have complaints. Maybe we’ll get an open letter one day. S/O #OctoberBabies (10/25 Scorpio).

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