RHOA Recap: Kenya Calls Out Ralph + Sheree Shows the Receipts

rhoa season 14 episode 4
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The ladies discuss Sheree and Drew’s confrontation. 

Marlo is having a house built in Decatur. She invites Sheree and Kenya to come out when she meets with her builder Patrick. She wants to get their opinions on the revisions that were recently made. Kenya is impressed with how much Patrick knows. 

They discuss the upcoming trip to New York. Sheree’s boo Tyrone is going to talk to his PO to see if he can go. He’s currently under house arrest. 

Drew is also briefly discussed. Sheree isn’t worried about seeing her again in New York after their recent blowup. And Kenya says Drew could just be acting out because of the problems in her marriage. 

Is Kandi being selfish?

Kandi and Todd also talk about the trip. Todd wants Kandi to consider staying at the property he has in New Jersey. But Kandi doesn’t want to. To her, it’s weird that Todd wants her to be in a house that he used to share with an ex-girlfriend. However, Todd feels Kandi is just being selfish. 

Drew and Ralph have a session with their therapist. He tells them to try to go 30 days hours without arguing. And if someone breaks that, they must be a “slave” to the other person and do the things they want them to do. 

Kandi sends invites and s*x toys to all the ladies with the help of her cousin Patrick and his boo Safari. This shocks them as the couple is wearing dominatrix getups. 

The New Jersey house just isn’t for Kandi.

As the group is traveling together in New York, Todd vents about wanting to have his own career. He’s tired of living in Kandi’s shadow and he wants her to support his solo projects a lot more. The couple also says their s*x life has suffered because they work too much. But Kandi doesn’t think Todd should be upset about her working the way she does. She feels everything she does independently only helps their joint ventures. 

The group checks out Todd’s house in New Jersey. Kenya has a lot of ideas about how to fix it. And Kandi confirms that she still doesn’t feel like the place is one she can embrace. 

Kenya speaks her mind.

When the group later goes out to dinner, Ralph confirms he fired his assistant after all the drama that took place. And he doesn’t understand why it’s taking Drew so long to move on. At this point, Kenya says that Ralph reminds her so much of Marc.

Kenya also calls out Ralph for saying that things didn’t happen the way Drew recalls when it comes to the assistant drama. But she also admits that Drew can sometimes fail to move on from issues. 

Interestingly enough, all of this leads to everyone talking about Sheree and Drew’s blowup. Sheree shows Drew texts of Anthony talking behind her back. And Ralph is shocked when Sheree tells him that  Anthony accused him of being gay.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. The show is still a snooze fest!! They should show old seasons with NeNe and Phaedra right before the new season. It clearly shows how the older cast carried the show and made it so much more entertaining! It also shows how Kenya hasn’t evolved much and how Marlo is trying to be the new NeNe! Poor Kandi still can’t be a front runner and has no storyline without Phaedra!

  2. I think some of you are stuck in the past. Phaedra is not going to be as interesting as she was several years ago because she’s not in the same situations she was in back then. She was a snooze on Marriage Boot Camp. And Braxton Family Values. NeNe is also not going to come back and deliver the same magic she did back then. In fact, she was awful her last season and not her funny and enjoyable self. She was angry, bitter, and walked off anytime she was called out. Y’all really want RHOA to fail for the pettiest reasons. Meanwhile the white reality shows are thriving and ratings are higher.

    1. Guilty as charged, ????????‍♀️ I think I have just outgrown it but you are right, Nene is never coming back and would not be as entertaining. Neither is Phaedra

  3. I don’t think this season is boring at all. Last season was terrible. I like NeNe but she’s never coming back. Suing Bravo guaranteed as much. I also do agree that Phaedra probably won’t be who she was if she does ever come back. I mean back then most of her allure was her beef with Kenya and problems with Apollo. She’s cool with Kenya now and she’s divorced. I think people will be disappointed if she ever does come back. But we’ll see what she brings to RHUGT.

  4. I mean what storyline does Phaedra have outside of Kandi and Apollo? Or Kenya? They all rely on each other for storylines because it’s an ensemble show. This season is actually interesting and it’s like the complaining just doesn’t stop with the housewives fandom. What scares me is I know y’all will eventually do the same to RHOP once a couple of favorites leave.

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