Evelyn Lozada Reveals If a Return to ‘Basketball Wives’ is Possible

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Evelyn Lozada left “Basketball Wives” after a nasty feud with OG.

Basketball Wives” alum Evelyn Lozada had many controversial moments on the show. She was no stranger to feuds. So she oftentimes was a hot topic on social media. Interestingly enough, her last couple of seasons on the show may have been the most controversial. OG said she believed she was a victim of colorism. In her opinion, the cast treated her differently because she’s a dark-skinned woman. After her feud with Evelyn moved onto social media, OG accused Evelyn of racism. Evelyn posted an Instagram Story using a laughing monkey emoji. And OG thought that the message was referring to her.

Evelyn denied using a monkey emoji to shade OG. But some fans were in agreement with OG. So Evelyn slapped OG with a defamation lawsuit and refused to film with her. OG responded by countersuing for emotional distress.

To no surprise, Evelyn and OG weren’t able to move past their issues. Sometime after season 9 ended, Evelyn did an interview to announce her departure from the show. Producers then decided to bring back several “Basketball Wives LA” cast members for season 10. And so far, a good bit of the drama appears to be focused on Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell’s fallout.

Well, some fans are missing Evelyn. But she may have recently confirmed that she has no plans to return.

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  1. Who will she try to BULLY, she doesn’t have a chance in h-ll with these ladies, oh maybe Jennifer, Let her stay in the bushes, lol

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