Miss Wanda Addresses Petition Calling for Her Removal from ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

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Some LAMH fans want Miss Wanda removed from the show.

When it comes to criticism, “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” has received quite a bit. Some viewers have expressed their disappointment with the show’s evolution. They wanted the show to focus on power couples and entrepreneurship. However, Melody Holt and Martell Holt’s marital problems took center stage. And Melody decided to end the marriage once she suspected that Martell was being unfaithful, again. Melody learned Martell had a baby on the way with his longtime mistress after she filed for divorce.

Martell and Melody struggled to co-parent. They argued often. And they would have blowups when they filmed LAMH scenes together. So Melody no longer wanted to film with Martell. She also cut off communication with Martell. He felt this was overkill.

Interestingly enough, Martell did an interview and gave a surprising update. He said that he and Melody are on better terms. Plus, they filmed with each other recently. And it went well. So he was just happy they are getting along. He wants to keep it this way by not dragging Melody on social media.

Ahead of Martell and Marsau Scotts’ alleged altercation, Melody and Martell were out together. And the drama went down because Miss Wanda had questions about their daughter’s paternity on social media the other day.

Since Miss Wanda is being blamed for causing the drama, some fans have started a petition to get Miss Wanda kicked off the show.

The petition is addressed.

Miss Wanda responded to this. She addressed the petition in a recent video. Miss Wanda said, “I heard everybody got a petition going on with me to get me kicked off the show.”

She continued, “I don’t feel like I called no baby name or said anything about the baby. And the only thing I said was I was talking to the mama. I did tell the mother she needs to find out who her baby daddy was. She talking about my baby daddy so why can’t I talk about hers? I don’t care if they grown, young, or whatever. If you grown and you decide to talk, I mean you get the same treatment. Ain’t no difference. There’s no difference. It’s the same thing.”

Miss Wanda feels hypocrisy has taken place, “So just cause your baby young, talking about my baby or my children, I don’t pose to come back?”

She is focusing on those who support her, “I got a lot of people that love me in spite of the ones who dislike me.”

Miss Wanda continued, “I got an energized battery inside of me. So I’m not worried about what the negative people say. I like the positive inbox everybody has been giving me. I love it. So I’m not worried about what the negative people say because in order to start your car up, you gotta have the negative and the positive to get it started, okay? So to get me started, I need the negative people and the positive. And then I’m ready to go.”

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  1. Miss Wanda needs to go, and should be off the show.. somebody needs to hold her butt accountable for the foul things coming out of her mouth. The only reason ms Wanda does that is her own d-mn daughter doesn’t have the balls to do it. Again she needs to be held accountable… PERIODT!!!!

    1. Wanda needs to go. She crossed the line when she made derogatory comments about Melody and Martell’s children’s hair and her daughter Tisha needs to go also. She always have her ghetto mother fight her battles. She needs to grow up with her insecurities!

  2. SHE IS A STRIAGHT CLOWN!!!!!! And her daughter is too for allowing her mother to run around acting like this. I want to sign the petition too just point me to it.

  3. It’s funny that the most negative person on the show has the audacity to say she isn’t worried about the negativity. She does need to go no other mother is involved like she is and if Tisha has an issue with it kick her weak a-s off the show as well.

  4. She need to go and right now .She has no business on there . She need some friends her age to be with in her own life and stay on it ???? f her own daughters life . Latisha acts like a child who needs their mommy to fight her battles . Wanda has no reason to talk about Melody and ghee child . She need to worry about why her simple daughter isn’t checking up on her husbands rumors and why she let him go to Africa by himself . Go home Wanda and sit your simple behind down before your mouth write a check your a-s can’t cash .

  5. I agree Wanda needs to go! I just trip off of how Tisha just sits there and says nothing. Why is she so much in her daughter’s business. My Mother is not hanging with me and my friends at all. She constantly bragging about she has a husband and a boyfriend evidently that’s not enough for her because she has too much time on her hands.

  6. Lord, Miss Wando why don’t you just comment from the sidelines. Cuz you start to much mess for my taste.

  7. Mz Wanda needs to cut her sh*t out n let everyone live their lives…especially her daughter..

  8. She should no longer be called Ms. She is just Rachet Wanda. She’s ignorant and loud. She makes the other side of the tracks look like gutter. Please get her off the show.

  9. Miss Wanda does not deserve to be on this show he’s messy ghetto she doesn’t even respect her own daughters ability to run her own life. Leticia should be ashamed of herself to allow her mother to act so ghetto. Her mother also is a tr-mp she has a husband and a boyfriend and who can respect anybody and also if you are this kind of a tr-mp how are you able to sit here and condemn anybody else marriage.

  10. Wanda needs to grow up. Oops she already Grown.. And what she know about Class She have none.. Where’s the Petion cause I’m ready to Sign…

  11. {wanda} need to go. If she feels that talking about, and adult is the same as talking about a child. That along let you {wanda} has known busy on reality shows. That makes me feel she has known education at all, look the words up they have to different means. Mel wasn’t talking your grown daughter father she just said he was in her dm. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the entire barrel. {wanda} is that bad apple. Her son-in-law was talking about how bad she causes trouble in his home. He wants to put his home off limits to her. If he feels that you can only imagine how other people feel. Then she lies so bad. She a very bad disappointment to the black race of people. On part she plays in, here comes the drama. Now I have a question. Is it true that LaTisha has a cousin that “allegedly” has a baby for Marsau,that is why they don’t want Keke on the show? The Pic is in circulation in other groups and Twitter. I must say that boy look just like Maurice .

  12. Wanda needs to exit,l don’t think it’s fair for her to b involved as much,other moms are staying in their lane,,please Exit Wanda Soon

  13. Shes an embarrassment. What profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. She and Tisha sold their souls for a few dollars. Everyone has a price and they are willing to look like complete buffoons for the right price.

  14. Wanda needs a life I had a sister in law like that,her mother stayed in her business, but one day after she tried to attack my nephew, I stepped in and handled her believe me after that we had no more problems with her,some one needs to handle Wanda and her daughter,

  15. 1 thing about it Ma=tel and Mel will go to extreme measures when it comes to they beautiful precious kids. It ain’t no show without Mel and Martel. I’m ready to sign petition. Cut Wanda completely. I stop watching cause of her ghetto low life self. Take her daughter off too she rachet as h… too. Yes it has been confirmed by many latisha cousin have a child by marsau. He very messy like a women. He love the drama wit his mammie in law. Replace him too. The whole Huntsville ready sign petition for Wanda nem off. There are other successful entrepreneurs in the ville that can Replace marsau and latisha too. They make the show boring as h… who talks about someone child nobody but dumb Wanda. I want to put my foot up Wanda u know what. She has went totally too far and to go to Maurice son house warming and totally disrespect it calling his mom and everyone in there the B word is absurd. marsau and tisha so ghetto they love the drama. marsau a drama queen too. They low life don’t care how much money they got.

  16. If Wanda have a husband & a boyfriend why is she going to Marsau for money for a food truck. She giving it out of both pants legs & can’t get $$$$ for a delapitated food truck. Wanda need to be trying figure out what is wrong with her ol’ worthless c–ch!!!

  17. Wanda messy boots, no wonder you running Tisha life y’all some nasty MF.
    Tisha’s cousin’s have babies for Marsau before Tisha did, oh no Wanda, let’s
    talk about that tea.. Tisha nasty, Marsau nasty and you old woman is filthy, now
    that’s some piping hot tea to run around telling everyone. Tell Marsau go claim
    his children before Tisha dumb backwards arse.. She’s nasty, low down and dirty
    let’s all discuss this Wanda. This man didn’t know his son was allergic to peanut butter
    I rest my case..

  18. Wanda will not be going anywhere. She is love and marriage hville. So you guys put away your pens save that ink for something else. She making her money just like everyone else. You guys wanna stop her bag..why? Bc she speaks her mind.. Leave this woman alone. Everyone wanna know where can they find this supposed petition.. I’ll tell you where to look for it. In the garbage where it belong okay!
    You guys don’t say anything about the other reality tv shows..i don’t see a petition going around for that trash. And stop using blk women for wanda’s action. What does she have to do with blk women? Not a d** thing. To all if you that signed the petition the hole you digging for wanda dont you fall into it now. You guys really suck..you don’t have to like what I’m saying..it doesn’t matter.
    I meant every freaking word

  19. I agree Miss Wanda needs to go. Her daughter allows her blatant disrespect of the other actors, as well as Tisha herself. She is always in someone’s business. Business is free she should get some. She brings no class to the show. Bye Felicia I mean Wanda!

  20. Just have to agree cause latisha marsau and wanda is filthy nasty. The 3 disgust me.yall best believe marsau ain’t giving that old woman no money fa that run down truck fa nothing. He in dem smelly panties of wanda’s cause that’s his taste in women like her daughter. He will do anything and anybody. Someone said he have monkeypox. Keep marsau in yall prayers ????

  21. Carlos this show has truly been a disappointment. It’s not depicting a collective of couples working together to give back to their community.

    I know it’s reality TV. All couples have problems and some end up in a divorce. If this show from day one had Melody as the main character why is Wanda allowed to be on the show with all this drama?

    I signed the petition immediately! Wanda as a woman, mother, and grandmother is an embarrassment! Stop creating negativity and ignorance. Wanda, LaTisha and Marsau need to all be removed. LaTisha allows her mother to fight her battles. LaTisha too me acts like a child. She cannot think for herself. She may have book since but lacks in self confidence. I don’t need to see her “cry” to solve her problems. Marsau going to Africa for thirty days was to get away from his “child” wife.

    Wanda claims she has a husband and boyfriend. Where are they? Why aren’t they buying her a food truck? I personally don’t know why Marsau didn’t put his foot down and not give her a dime with her home wrecking self.

    Kimmie is also another “Wanda” She’s intelligent, educated and beautiful, however she is always running her mouth and starting problems. Kimmie needs to mind her business. I’ve noticed her stirring the pot and inserting herself in situations that she needs to bow out of!

    We don’t need another Wanda!!

    OWN Network it’s time to make a decision!

  22. Of course Kimme getting a lil messy always in everyone business. But I like kimme. Her and Melody 2 beautiful queens. Very smart the 2. Marsau imma start calling you cat. That’s what you like from Ole Wanda. Go marsau ain’t no shame in yo game messy Marvin. Yall 3 need to be immediately dismissed. Marsau Wanda and latisha

  23. My thing is Melody the star of show from day 1. Who invited messy Wanda drama on the show my folks stopped watching it because of her. Her daughter is very boring and need to be replaced. Marsau getting messy and boring and need to be removed as well as Wanda. Carlos get some better entrepreneurs on the show with some common sense please and someone we can understand what they saying instead of Wanda’s speech.

  24. Melody and Martel are the show
    Wouldn’t be 1 without them. They are the main characters and we love watching them because they straight forward and ain’t fake like most cast. She beautiful as h… and he good looking muscular and handsome. 2 wonderful parents to their kids. Now I’m bout to sign petition to have Wanda (Sha ney ney) removed.2 more needto go they know who they are. Please keep Maurice and Kimme we love them too!

  25. Destiny another fake 1. She boring as h… where she come from don’t nobody even shop at her store. Her and latisha kill me with the fake hugs knowing they don’t gas bout each other.get all these fake boring folk off the show. Destiny and latisha loosing too much sleep over Melody. Mel you important and a Queen for sure.

  26. Wanda should’ve been gone…she trying to make this her show…so what if she will lose her income from the show…she shouldn’t be getting not another penny on the expense of acting like a DISRESPECTED RATCHET FOOL!!

  27. I will agree, something {wanda} would say if you cut the head off the snake the tail will soon die. You cut her $ she would leave. She another Tasha K. Just larger and shorter Mouth twins


  29. The show is a great disappointment. More drama than positivity and Ms Wanda, I have no kind words for her. Not a good representation of black entrepreneurship and black women.

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