LAMH Recap: LaTisha’s Family Confronts Marsau, Again + She Blames Martell for Rumors

LAMH Season 4 Episode 11 Recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” the infidelity rumors rear their ugly heads once again for Marsau and LaTisha. This time, Marsau must face LaTisha’s extended family. Multiple family members confront and call out Marsau regarding the allegations and how he referred to them as being “on the opposite side of the tracks.”

Next, Tiffany’s preparing for her trip to Utah to find her biological father. But first, she has an emotional conversation with her adopted parents. She also gets some advice from Melody about potentially having a baby with Louis. They then get clues about her father.

Lastly, While Marsau and LaTisha scout a potential food truck with Miss Wanda, LaTisha points out how it’s hypocritical to be questioning going into business with her mom while he’s considering allowing Martell to buy back into Scholt, especially since he’s the original source of his infidelity rumors.

Here’s the recap for, “Mission Impossible – Road to Eutaw.”

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  1. It is absolutely laughable that Marsau thinks that he is above LaTisha’s family. No one meeting him for the first time would think him to be cultured or refined. She needs to wake up and realize if he thinks that about her family, he thinks this about her too. He is a “control freak!” Being a smartass does not make you better than those whom you belittle. Men like him don’t understand that a woman may mess with you on the side because they know that they can get something from you, as they also know that when they are tired of you you have a wife to go home to. He’s not a smart as he thinks he is. Tisha needs to wake the h-ll up, find a backbone, respect herself and move on. You can’t make someone else respect you nor should you have to beg them too either.

  2. Let me get this right, Latisha’s family says the same thing that Mel says – Marsau cheats- but when Latisha is quiet when her family says it but when Mel says it, Latisha is in up in arms because she is trying to destroy her family.

    I’m sick and tired of this show and the clips also. I stopped watching the show and have been watching the clips but chile, I’m done with the clips also.

  3. Did Tisha just admit that Martell started the rumors about her marriage. So why is she mad with Mel? I’m just asking.

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