‘Basketball Wives’ Star Nia Dorsey Says She’s Being Targeted For Not Icing out Malaysia Pargo

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A lot of drama went down at Angel Brinks’ gender reveal party.

Nia Dorsey is no stranger to drama on “Basketball Wives” despite it being just her second season. In fact, last season things started off good between her and OG. However, this was short-lived. And OG just felt like Nia was another cast member who refused to take her colorism accusations seriously. Plus, OG had accused Nia of contacting her before she got on the show to involve her in a messy plot against Feby Torres. Apparently, Nia used to date Feby’s baby daddy Lance Stephenson. So OG accused Nia of reaching out to her to get on the show to confront Feby about a past blowup they had on social media.

On the latest episode, Nia found herself in the middle of more drama. She attended Angel Brinks and Roccstar’s gender reveal. Brooke Bailey found out that before getting there, Nia posted a certain meme on Instagram Story. The meme said that she was in the mood for some out-of-wedlock baby shower food. Nia added a comment saying that she couldn’t wait to eat some later that day.

Well, Brooke thought this was messy. She alerted DJ Duffey and Brandi Maxiell about the post. They called her out. And Duffey decided to go get Roccstar because she didn’t want Angel to be the one to confront Nia.

When Roccstar confronted Nia, he said the post was disappointing. But the biggest blowup occurred between Brooke and Nia. Words were exchanged and the other women had to keep them from getting violent. After Angel found out about the meme, she was offended. Nia and her sister Noria Dorsey were then asked to leave the gender reveal.

Nia Dorsey thinks she’s being targeted because she hasn’t iced out Malaysia Pargo.

On the show, Nia thought the angry reactions were unnecessary. In her opinion, the meme was just a joke. And she herself wasn’t offended by it even though she also had a child out of wedlock. She didn’t think it would be an issue that would be brought up at the event.

Nia had more to say as she answered questions from her Instagram followers. In one exchange, Nia said her conversation with Roccstar was much worse than what was shown. She said this after the person said Duffey was dumb to go get Roccstar to confront Nia.

Nia wrote, “Yes they didn’t show the whole clip on how bad the argument with Brooke and Duffey really was. So they got Roccstar and me and Rocc got into it so bad. For a man to talk to a woman the way he did wasn’t cool. But they edited that out.”

Another follower wrote that Brandi, Duffey, and Brooke overreacted. Nia then wrote, “We had tension before that scene so I felt like they were looking for a reason to always have an issue.”

Nia said it seemed like all three ladies wanted an issue with her because she wouldn’t join in on icing out Malaysia Pargo.

“Well, I did feel a lot of bullying going on. They built an alliance from the jump all not liking Malaysia which they didn’t show. My sis and I didn’t join and we were targets ever since.”

She agreed when someone else said the post wasn’t even that serious and was just about the food, “Exactly. That was my whole focus was how good the food be and so happened I saw the post that day. I mean our culture always jokes about stuff like that. But it is what it is. Everyone is entitled to feel how they feel.”

Nia was also in agreement when a follower said the joke was funny because she also had a child out of wedlock.

“Exactly. I’m the type that can laugh at myself before anyone else.”

However, Nia did agree that the timing was bad.

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  1. I’m sorry but I saw the meme and it really wasn’t that serious. If Angel is that hurt why stay with a man who only wants to give her promise rings instead of actually proposing? It did seem like Brooke and her two side kicks were looking for something to be mad about. How are these women sensitive about having out of wedlock children in 2022? The men in their lives have done much worse anyway.

  2. I just don’t understand how Brooke and Duffey made it seem like they were confronting Nia to look out for Angel but at the same time they caused drama at her event and stressed her out. So it didn’t seem genuine to me. It’s like they wanted a problem with Nia that day.

  3. These women are so childish and annoying. There is no way I’d let a stupid a-s meme like that trigger me. I was excited about this season but it’s turning out to be kind of wack honestly. And pretty soon Malaysia won’t be filming with any of them at all. So most of them will no longer have a storyline anyway. They better get it together before the ratings get worse.

  4. I’ve seen memes like this and people laugh at them. First time I’ve seen anyone get offended by them. ????????‍♀️

  5. Brandi just happy to be back on the show she’s annoying so is Brook with her Michael Jackson nose have several seats Brandi big a-s mouth trying to be to cute got her off the show

  6. There’s a lot of reaching for storylines this season. I’m surprised at the number of people who are fake mad about this meme. When did Basketball Wives fans and cast members become so thin skinned?

  7. Sigh…the meme is such a nonissue to me. And to bring it up at the party was the messiest thing they could have done. No, they weren’t being concerned and real friends to Angel. They wanted camera time with someone they felt was an easy target. Brooke found out real quick that Nia wasn’t scared of her and I love it.

  8. I thought I liked Brooke but she’s coming off like she thinks she can beat everyone up and I’m not feeling it. She’s too old to be ready to fight over every little thing. And to do that at the gender reveal was unnecessary. Should have saved it for another time and place.

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