Brandi Maxiell Responds When Accused of Obsessing over Malaysia Pargo

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Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell fell out after Brandi was fired from “Basketball Wives.”

Basketball Wives” star Brandi Maxiell returned to the show for its tenth season. Some fans were really surprised to learn that she is no longer friends with Malaysia Pargo. When they were on the show together years ago, the women were very close. In fact, they always defended one another. And sometimes their loyalty to each other would get on the other women’s nerves. When Brandi struggled to get along with Shaunie O’Neal, it led to Brandi irking Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada. They didn’t even want to film any scenes with Brandi. When she called Shaunie a b**tch, her future on the show became uncertain.

Eventually, the coldness towards Brandi led to her being pushed off the show. But social media made it seem as if Malaysia and Brandi were still maintaining their friendship. However, their interactions became less and less.

On the current season, both women confirmed that they are no longer friends. Despite this, Brandi was upset that Malaysia didn’t reach out to her after her father suddenly passed away. Malaysia said she didn’t know that Brandi’s father died. However, Brandi wasn’t convinced she was telling the truth. As for Malaysia, she told the other ladies that the real issue was Brandi got mad at her once she was fired. And she believes Brandi wanted her to quit the show in solidarity.

Well, it’s pretty clear that it’s unlikely that the former friends will be able to hash their issues out anytime soon. Some fans feel Brandi talks way too much about Malaysia. And Brandi had something to say in response to this.

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  1. I think she should be fired again. She seem just like a mean girl in high school. Instead of a grown woman. It’s like when Malvasia walk in her whole attitude changes and because she doesn’t like her she want everyone else to not like her. I Malaysia is sweetheart just trying to make a life for she and her children. I would be the first in line to say send Brandi packing again. She don’t deserve to be on the show.

  2. Girl stop Tammy,Jenn, Jackie,and Evelyn have all experienced the passing of a close loved one and still didn’t make who they was feuding with their story line. Either make up and get over it or get over it. You look bothered that Malaysia isnt????

  3. YESSSSSS, ITS SO OBVIOUS SHE’S TRYING TO TURN EVERYONE AGAINST THE BEAUTIFUL MALAYSIA If They Choose to turn on her She doesn’t need not 1 of them in her life period

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