Brandi Maxiell Responds When Accused of Obsessing over Malaysia Pargo

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The feud continues between Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo.

Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell‘s fallout has been a hot topic on “Basketball Wives.” At first, neither wanted to open up about what caused them to end their friendship. And when Brandi saw Malaysia at Jackie Christie’s latest wedding, she called out Malaysia for not reaching out after her father died. However, Malaysia said she didn’t know. She hasn’t spoken to Brandi in three years. They also do not have friends in common.

As for Malaysia, she thinks Brandi resents her for being fired from the show years ago. And Malaysia could have fought much harder to keep her on the cast. Malaysia said she did fight hard. She even filmed with Brandi when the other women would not. But that didn’t matter to Brandi. And Brandi was allegedly upset she wouldn’t quit in solidarity.

The ladies nearly came to blows. So it’s always a lot of tension when they have to film scenes together. On the recent episode, Brandi was even annoyed when Malaysia showed up to record for Jackie’s podcast. She was very critical of Malaysia for showing up late, and she also accused her of being fake.

Brandi Maxiell has been getting called out by “Basketball Wives” fans.

Some fans have accused Brandi of talking too much about Malaysia. She addressed this and her emotional state while filming on Twitter.

She tweeted, “Y’all I came to film a month after I buried my dad. I was so emotional and hurt. I thought I could film and it would take my mind off of it but it didn’t. ????”

Brandi continued, “I didn’t film for a little bit because I went through a health scare that I’m still monitoring…”

She also responded to the fans who want her to talk less about Malaysia in her scenes and green screen interviews.

“Also…I haven’t filmed in so long that I forgot how it went lol. I’m responding to questions that were constantly being asked in scene…trust me, I literally got annoyed and not wanting to…ummmmm now I know how to handle that moving forward lol.”

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  1. I think she should be fired again. She seem just like a mean girl in high school. Instead of a grown woman. It’s like when Malvasia walk in her whole attitude changes and because she doesn’t like her she want everyone else to not like her. I Malaysia is sweetheart just trying to make a life for she and her children. I would be the first in line to say send Brandi packing again. She don’t deserve to be on the show.

  2. Girl stop Tammy,Jenn, Jackie,and Evelyn have all experienced the passing of a close loved one and still didn’t make who they was feuding with their story line. Either make up and get over it or get over it. You look bothered that Malaysia isnt????

  3. YESSSSSS, ITS SO OBVIOUS SHE’S TRYING TO TURN EVERYONE AGAINST THE BEAUTIFUL MALAYSIA If They Choose to turn on her She doesn’t need not 1 of them in her life period

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