Kandi Burruss Responds to RHOA Fans & Cast Members Calling Her Boring

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Some RHOA fans want the show to be a lot more positive.

Kandi Burruss will always be linked to her former friend Phaedra Parks. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans will probably never forget the Season 9 reunion. Porsha Williams exposed Phaedra. She revealed that it was Phaedra who told her that Kandi and Todd Tucker wanted to drug her and “have their way with her” in their “s*x dungeon.” None of this was true. And the severity of the accusations blew everyone away. After the other ladies on the show refused to film with Phaedra, she was pushed off of the show. Kandi still doesn’t want to film with Phaedra. She said she’d leave the show if Phaedra was ever asked back.

The situation has divided fans. Some believe Phaedra should never return due to what she did to Kandi. Others believe it’s Kandi’s time to leave the show. And they want Phaedra back with a peach. Some of these people have taken to social media to call Kandi boring.

Kandi addressed this during an interview with Ryan Cameron of Majic 107.5. A caller told Kandi that she and the others were too old to be fighting and bickering. And she would like the show to be more positive.

Kandi Burruss discussed being labeled as boring.

In response to this, Kandi said, “I totally feel you and I understand you on that. Here’s my other opposite to that, right? People say they don’t wanna see all the arguing and all of that, right? Which that can be a bit much but the shows that don’t really have any drama or anything like that people wanna say you’re boring.”

She continued, “I know particularly even with myself like right now I know somebody was saying oh, they felt like they had to make me work. I ain’t even gonna say who it was. But because they feel like I’m not really being in the drama as much or I’m “boring” but people relate, ‘Oh you don’t have a lot of craziness happening in your life or you don’t really have a lot of drama happening in your life,’ to all of a sudden now you’re boring.”

Kandi said some people only love her when she’s having a lot of drama in her life.

“But say for instance when I had a lot of family turmoil or my relationship was going crazy, I lost somebody that was close to me and stuff like that, then it’s, ‘Oh, we love you,’ then. But if things are going well, business is going well it’s, ‘All she does is talk about her business.’ So it’s like you can’t win for losing.”

She added, “What I mean by that is even on not just our show but other shows, when it’s more positive content, people don’t support those shows the same.”

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  1. I mean she’s right. People will say they’re boring if they aren’t fighting or have some mess going on in their lives.

  2. I don’t agree that Kandi is boring. She actually has the most interesting life to me. And honestly the only season she wasn’t in drama was the previous season where it was all about Bolo. I just think people don’t like Kandi because they feel she’s to blame for their faves not being on the show. The truth is Phaedra is responsible for her firing. And Nene is responsible for hers.

  3. Well I don’t think she’s boring I just don’t think she has anything to offer the housewives of Atlanta. Kandy has her hands in too many things. She is the richest lady on the show and I think sheShould step down from the show should step down from the show because when she’s there all she wants to do is eat all she wants to do is eat and seems like couple of girls keep getting mad at her anyway she’s not supportive but ready to spend some gospel. Find Her boring there’s been times when I’ve watched real house of Atlanta and speed Through it when it came to Kand.l

  4. I can take her or leave her. She’s a low-key trouble maker. A lot of times she’s spreading gossip as soon as someone tells her something she’s a dog carrying a bone.

  5. Kandi you is so fake/The reason why everyone’s comes after you, because you is not a true friend ???? you will leave a person hanging in the ditch!! Start being a true friend have someone back for a change/not always your family

  6. Kandi is a great lead on RHOA, a good positive role model, lady all about family and her businesses. I can’t believe these stupid jealous comments being made about her. I admire her, I’m glad she’s been so consistent and unique all these years. Keep up what you’re doing Kandi!!!

  7. Kandi has gotten too comfortable & doesn’t give enough to RHOA & is quite boring & doesn’t eats all the time. It’s time for Kandi Swan Song ????

  8. I’m truly amazed by people women especially who claim that these shows are showing black women as toxic but yet still when a women who has multiple business, her family life is good and things are going great for her is considered boring bc she doesn’t have drama.omg what do you women want?

  9. The reason they come for Kandi she’s a go getter and makes a lot of money.They trying to get her fired but she’s the only one that has real jobs.

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