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LAMDC Recap: Erana Confronts Winter + Chris Impresses Monique

LAMDC Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Photo Credit: OWN

Chris and Monique switch roles.

Monique has a new morning routine as the episode begins. She’s starting her new morning show gig with WPGC 95.5 FM. It’s rough for her to get up early. However, Chris is stepping up, helping the kids get up early and preparing for their day.

Ashley’s nervous about her book cover.

 Meanwhile, Ashley is meeting with her publisher regarding her book. Ashley’s nervous about putting herself on the cover. Audre, her publisher does motivate her to do this. Next, Ashley talks about how stress earlier in their marriage led to her being diagnosed with depression. The experience inspired her to write the book.

Eventually, Monique made it home after her first day at WPGC. Chris and Monique recap her first day and Monique says this was something she felt she was meant to do.

Monique praises Chris.

Chris also talks about how challenging it was for him to get the kids ready for their day. As Monique gives him advice, she’s happy to see Chris stepping up to the plate.

As this happens, the Tylers are at home and Jamie is setting up their phone camera. They’ve been going viral on Tik Tok and it’s something they take seriously.

After they record their latest clips, they recap their session with Monique’s healer. Erana says Jamie being called aggressive is accurate and how it stemmed from his childhood. Jamie recalls how his father was very tough and unforgiving with him growing up and that stayed with him. He also agrees to join her for another session.

Monique dishes about Winter.

Ashley faces her recent reservations and proudly participates in her book cover photo shoot. Monique stops by and is impressed by what she sees. In between shoots, Ashley and Monique talk. Ashley tells Monique about the book, “Do That S***,” and this really impresses Monique. Next, Monique reveals specifically what Winter said during their lunch, including Winter calling Quick DJ Funsize. Ashley laughed it off and felt was funny.

She also revealed how Winter calls Jamie Red Light Special regarding the cheating rumors Winter knows about. 

Meanwhile, Quick invites out quick to a spa for a chat and some massages. The guys talk about their family lives including Chris and Monique switching roles in their relationship. Quick brings up how what their wives do is not an easy job and role. They also talk about the time they spent with Monique’s healer.

All of this is helping Quick open up to Ashley and everyone else. Chris commends Quick for this. They also talk about getting counseling which Chris says it’s something that needs to happen.

Erana confronts Winter.

As Quick and Chris bond, Ashely and Erana meet up as Erana’s getting a consultation for a “skinny BBL.” Ashley lets Erana know that this may be something she shouldn’t do, praising how she looks already. But Erana seemingly feels insecure based on what she’s seeing on social media.

After the consultation, Ashley discusses the nicknames Winter gave their husbands. Jamie’s nickname really irritates her because Erana told Winter about that in private.

With fresh fire and anger for Winter, Erana meets up with her. Erana confronts Winter about the nicknames after they exchange pleasantries. She feels Winter had no business telling Monique about things concerning her marriage. Regarding the nicknames, Winter says she was being sarcastic and funny.

Winter feels Erana should’ve told her not to do that beforehand.

The episode ends with Winter asking if she’s “f***ed up” in the head from her pending divorce from Kevin.”


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