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LAMH Recap: Martell Clashes with His Uncle

LAMH Season 4 Episode 14

Photo Credit: OWN

Martell clashes with Uncle Sam.

Martell’s guys’ trip to Atlanta concludes with an official party for his wine. Chris Fletcher and Martell’s Uncle Sam make an appearance. Melneka congratulates Martell while Marsau jokes about not having his wedding ring.

During a toast, Martell gets emotional and Marsau suspects because this is his first venture after the divorce without Melody by his side. But all isn’t well, specifically with Martell’s uncle. He wasn’t feeling Martell acknowledging the guys but not his mother; Martell’s Grandmother. Martell responds by whispering in his ear not to do this on national TV.

Martell walks away angry and he ends up leaving with his guests. Chris Fletcher points this out to the rest of the guys which shocks them. 

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam and Martell get into a shouting match where the cars are parked away from the cameras. Martell does his best to not have cameras follow them outside.

The next morning, everyone is ready to leave for Atlanta. Louis had to leave out overnight due to a family emergency.

The guys recap the trip with their wives.

Back in Huntsville, Louis made it home as soon as he could. Louis and Tiffany experienced a death in their family and are going to Birmingham. Before they leave, Louis and Tiffany recap the trip. Louis tells Tiffany about the all-women “focus group” Martell invited the guys to. He also speaks about releasing his sexual frustration.

Tiffany’s surprised he raged about their status in the bedroom. She tells Louis there are things they can do if sex is that much of an issue for him.

Meanwhile, Maurice made it back home and Kimmi lets Maurice know how she enjoyed her time by herself at home. They also recap the trip to Atlanta with Kimmi suspecting she’s going to hear a fabricated story. LaTisha also speaks to Marsau regarding the trip. The Scotts tell their wives about the focus group tasting and the trip to the strip club. Maurice also tells how Martell called Melneka “the original Mel.” 

Maurice also describes to Kimmi how he “touched” the strippers in Magic City, confirming he didn’t caress the dancers.

When they talk about Louis raging over his sex life, Marsau says he wouldn’t be in a sexless marriage. This leads to the couples talking about sex in their marriages. Marsau gets deep, talking about how couples have to choose to take of each other.

LaTisha visits Dr. Francis.

Inspired by the conversation with Marsau, LaTisha visited Dr. Francis for another counseling session. During the session, Dr. Francis suggests she invites Marsau and other couples to a retreat. During the session, Dr. Francis mentions the trip to Africa Marsau took by himself which didn’t please LaTisha.

Dr. Francis tells Latisha that this wasn’t a “last minute” kind of trip despite learning about right before Marsau left. He’s also freed from responsibility because LaTisha won’t hold him accountable.

Meanwhile, Marsau has an interesting conversation with Marlene about what happened with Uncle Sam in Atlanta. She can understand why Martell not publicly thanking his grandmother would upset her brother. Martell says Sam shouldn’t have reacted the way he did. He tried to speak to Sam over the phone but he isn’t answering.

They go on to talk about Martell’s grandmother and how her passing affected him.

Melody spills tea about Melneka and Martell.

Lastly, Kimmi meets up with Melody. After exchanging compliments, they discuss the trip to Atlanta. Melody asks Kimmi if she felt some type of way about Maurice going out of town with Martell and Kimmi says she trusts him. Kimmi later says in her interview that Melody seemingly believes everybody cheats.

She also relays to Melody what she heard from Maurice about the tension between Martell and Sam. When Melody learns Melneka planned the events in Atlanta, Melody spills the tea.

Apparently, Melneka quit as Melody’s wedding planner. They allegedly had a three-way call about Martell coming on to Melneka’s assistants. Melody says she was 22 at the time and didn’t take the accusations seriously.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bosslady

    June 26, 2022 at 11:40 am

    Latisha is dumb as a rock. Dr. Francis saw this as well. Girl wake up and smell the coffee! Marsau went to Africa with a female, that’s why you couldn’t go. What married woman you know going to let her husband go to Africa for whatever reason? You wouldn’t have been able to go by yourself.

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