Martell Holt & Carlos King Fuel Speculation Amid News of Martell’s Vacation with Melody Holt

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Martell Holt and Melody Holt have made a lot of progress.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt continue to be heavily discussed on social media. On the current season, the former couple has struggled to co-parent. For Melody, she just felt like Martell could be very disrespectful. In fact, he’s made messy accusations. And he also thinks she has some blame for his choice to cheat. Martell said Melody didn’t please him enough in the bedroom. So he didn’t necessarily feel like he was wrong to seek pleasure elsewhere. Of course, saying this to Melody didn’t go over well. She decided to stop filming scenes with him. Her decision to break off all forms of communication was something that bothered Martell.

Interestingly enough, Martell and Melody are now on much better terms. According to Martell, co-parenting has drastically improved. And he’s back to filming scenes with Melody. This is one reason why Melody had his back when an altercation allegedly occurred. Fans witnessed Melody chasing Martell down to stop him while she was on Instagram Live. It’s rumored that Martell may have got into an altercation with Marsau Scott.

Although fans won’t know the truth until later on in the season, they have more to speculate about now. Melody and Martell are currently vacationing together. And they took the trip with their children.

Recent social media posts have fans in a frenzy even more.

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  1. Now Carlos was just bragging about ratings so why does he have his cast pulling desperate stunts like this? They don’t need to go the fake route. The show became a hit because of the authenticity. I need it to be real again.

  2. They are doing the most but truth be told this season has been kind of boring. Hopefully the second half will be great.

  3. Hopefully Mel will never consider going back with Martell. He is a lying, low down, abusive, excuse of a man. If she is being with him, let’s hope it’s just to provoke coleslaw. The kids saw how he hurt their mother.

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