Brooke Bailey Claps Back After ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Call Her a Bully

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A meme resulted in a lot of drama for Nia Dorsey.

Basketball Wives” fans have a lot to say about the recent episode. On the positive side, they watched Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell hash out their issues. Malaysia apologized to Brandi for hurting her. They hugged it out and shedded some tears. And it looked as if it was the beginning of the two ladies repairing their friendship. Interestingly enough, Nia Dorsey took to Twitter to tell fans that the peace didn’t last. And they ended up clashing again after their emotional scene. Interestingly enough, Nia and her sister Noria Dorsey had a lot of drama once the group made it to Las Vegas.

Angel Brinks was still upset about the meme Nia posted to Instagram. On the day of Angel’s gender reveal party, Nia posted a meme that praised out-of-wedlock baby shower food. And Nia said that she agreed with the statement.

“Basketball Wives” fans accused Brooke Bailey of being a bully.

Well, Angel and a few of the others thought this was messy for Nia to do. In their minds, Nia was throwing a jab at Angel. So Brooke Bailey and DJ Duffey called her out when they saw the post. This led to Nia clashing with Brooke. Then Duffey decided that Angel’s partner Roccstar needed to be involved. So she went over to grab him so he could also confront Nia.

In the end, Angel decided to have Nia leave the event. And she confronted Nia about the post while everyone was in Vegas. Nia apologized, and although Angel didn’t think the apology was sincere, she told Nia that they could move on from the situation. However, Brooke and Duffey weren’t willing to do the same.  The episode ended with Nia and Noria nearly coming to blows with Duffey and Brooke. Although Duffey was the one to initiate objects being thrown, things escalated even more after Brooke threw a cup at the sisters.

Some fans have been calling out Brooke on social media. And she responded once she was labeled as a bully.

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  1. Brooke and Duffy both are trying to be relevant periodt.Brooke was being very aggressive for no reason and Duffy you sure did NOT have that energy with Tammy!!

    1. I think Brooke is a bully and a slick instigator. I don’t like her on Basketball Wives. Duffy is a slick instigator also.

  2. Nah, Brooke has her bully moments for sure. She only came for the sisters because she thought they were weak. When she realized they wanted the smoke she got scary and threw stuff from a safe distance. But when Bambi told her to line it up, she didn’t want to fight Bambi. Not a fan of the sisters but I’m glad they don’t let any of these women punk them.

  3. The arrogance is so annoying. She wasn’t trying to help Nia and Noria get screen time. She was helping herself to a storyline because she didn’t have one. Brooke was someone I used to like on the show but this arrogance and thirst she’s displaying now is a bit too much for me. And I agree that Duffey only thinks she’s tough now because Tami isn’t there to check her.

  4. And this is why you’ll see Evelyn and even Tami back at some point. Most of these storylines are dumb and a complete reach. The OGs are needed to bring back real beefs.

  5. Brooke’s voice is enough to make you stop watching. I agree she is thirsty this time around. Nobody is checking for DJ Duffey. Keep the job with French Montana.

  6. Brooke is a busy body. First, what kind of friend is she and Duffey to show the DM in the first place. Especially at the shower and then pull their friends dude in the mix of girly issues?

    The previews for the next episode show Brooke in Brandi’s ear re Malaysia… she’s not relevant but trying to be. She is not anyone’s friend!

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