OWN Releases First Look of Melody Holt & Miss Wanda’s Heated Confrontation on LAMH

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Melody Holt has had enough of Miss Wanda.

Miss Wanda has become a controversial “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” cast member. In fact, some fans want her fired from the show. They started a petition to urge OWN to remove her. So far, the petition has amassed thousands of signatures. The last straw had to be the comments Wanda made about Melody Holt and Martell Holt‘s youngest daughter. While Miss Wanda was on social media, Miss Wanda said Melody needed to get a DNA test. She doesn’t believe that Martell is Malani Holt’s biological father. After fans told Miss Wanda that she went too far, she stood firm. And it doesn’t seem like she thinks she did anything wrong.

Well, Melody ends up confronting Miss Wanda about the situation on the current season of LAMH. Fans will see it all unfold when the show returns on September 10 at 8/7c on OWN. In fact, the network released a first look at the heated moment on the season finale of “The Nightcap with Carlos King.”

In the clip, Melody and Martell with Miss Vanessa approached Miss Wanda while she was selling food at an event. She’s been trying to get a food truck business off of the ground.

Wanda says to Melody, “I’m talking bout you baby? You said I talked about yo baby.” Melody then says, “First you talk about my kids’ hair!”

And Miss Wanda doesn’t seem to see the issue, “The only darn thing I said about you baby was find yo f*cking baby daddy!” Melody claps back with, “He’s right here!”

Martell does his best to keep the women from putting their hands on each other. And it’s likely that his attempt to keep the chaotic moment from getting worse is what led to his rumored altercation with Marsau Scott.


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  1. I’m sorry but Miss Wanda gets to get her a-s beat. Otherwise, she’s gonna continue to run that trap of hers.

  2. All I know that if Ms Wanda is on next season, i’m no longer watching. I’m tired of her. Who really likes her on the show besides Tisha? Only have her film with Tisha and not the rest of the cast. Please. The show has become a soap opera. What happened to building your community back up. no it’s beefs and arguments, cast separated not filming together, this one not speaking to that one. it’s a real mess right now.

  3. Wanda go needs be taken off this show, Carlos you don’t need someone like that old ugly fat nasty lady and I really don’t want to call Wanda a lady she is more like a hood-rat. But just like La Tisha’s husband said they are from the other side of the tracks. I can’t wait until La Tisha finds out that her husband has been cheating on her for years, La Tisha you just need to find out who went to Africa with your husband we know he didn’t go alone and so do you. And after you find out that information get you some business and lose some weight you and your mama.

  4. One of the biggest mistakes Wanda could have ever made is going after the Holt kids. People are really tired of black children being attacked on these TV shows when the real world is already unfair and unkind to them anyway. It’s happening on RHOBH and people are ready to boycott. Wanda should apologize but she doesn’t have the wisdom to do what’s right.

  5. At what point does Latisha realize that her mother is out of line and that karma has to pay a visit? I love my mother way too much to ever put her on a platform and cosign her being evil and making a fool out of herself just so I could be relevant on a reality show. All money ain’t good money.

  6. I agree with the fact that this show was supposed to be about building and moving forward with Black people in control. Instead you have Latisha’s whole family on air and all of them act as if they have no manners or home training. None of the other cast have their family on there acting ignorant or always talking about beating on someone. Even though we all know Wanda is not going to do anything, that really makes her look bad. Marsau is looking really bad for allowing Wanda to talk to him in the way that she does. I’m not implying he should be disrespectful in any way but it’s a way to tell her to stay in her lane without being disrespectful. Please take that whole family off the show and put class back in.

  7. We all talk about Martell , As if no one has ever had a boyfriend or husband that ever cheated. Yes it was wrong and people has cheated all over the country, But we as black people are our on worst enemy, we don’t think about how his children feel about us taking about their dad , we as black people lose our class , respect, we also forget what our ancestors went through for us to be where we are today all over money and being famous and rich, what happened to love and being being black and beautiful ❤️ we have let the world put a price on us being a slave to a dollar. Let’s spread love and less hurtful words.Spread wisdom and knowledge on how to grow and be something good in the world that can help someone. I love you All ❤️

  8. Wanda is too old to keep talking about fighting somebody. Who does that??? And she is classless and ignorant talking about young kids to get back at the parents. Talking about their hair and telling Melody to to find her baby daddy is exactly what other races say about black children and here this ignorant woman is joining in. And to add insult to injury is the rest of the cast is complicit in it also because they do nothing about it.

  9. Ms Wanda has gone too far. Talking about finding Melani’s real dad. This is very insulting. This is also why there’s a petition to fire ms. Wanda. I totally agree, and Carlos should listen to the viewers on this one. Ms Wanda should just focus on her own family. On another site they showed latiaha and Ms Wanda,marsau has mug shots from being arrested. I’m glad Martell did stand between the ladies. He still loves Melody. Martell realizes he made a mistake on his marriage. If Ms Wanda isn’t taken off the show. They’re risk everyone losing, interest in this show. Honestly, I’m tired of Ms Wanda drunk or sober insults on others or their families. I’m starting to lose interest and catch reruns on internet. God Bless Melody and her Kids. Also Bless Melody family and her friends too.

  10. We have to realize Wanda and Latisha are straight up tacky hoodrats and so are the rest of the family. Latisha has all that edjumacation and still can’t form a proper sentence.I think that Wanda does things for ratings. They sure nuff dress her up hair and makeup and clothes As the old saying goes:”You can take the hoodrat out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the hoodrat.”

  11. I don’t care for Wanda either, she really brings the definition of the show down. She’s very negative, messy and she needs to be FIRED! She is always at odd with everyone except her daughter. And for her to speak on an innocent baby is simply PATHETIC. She simply needs to be . When her scene comes up i turn the channel. She’s annoying!!!!!

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