Dennis McKinley Comes for Porsha Williams + Dates Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Cast Member?

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Dennis McKinley and Porsha Williams’ problems played out on social media and television.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Porsha Williams had a nasty breakup with Dennis McKinley. Cracks began once Dennis cheated on Porsha while she was pregnant. It caused Porsha to take a pause from the relationship. And she was no longer sure that marrying Dennis was something she should do. However, they decided to give counseling a shot. There they hashed out their issues. For Porsha, it just seemed like she and Dennis were making real progress and moving forward on a romantic level. Dennis agreed. He proposed to Porsha a second time while the RHOA cast was in Canada filming. However, the good times didn’t last.

Porsha began to feel like Dennis was dragging his feet about getting married. She gave him an ultimatum to commit to a wedding date. Dennis didn’t feel like they were ready to make things official. So Porsha decided to move on once and for all. She’s now engaged to Simon Guobadia. Of course, it was clear from the drama on “Porsha’s Family Matters” that a lot of healing is needed for co-parenting to improve.

In the meantime, Porsha is preparing to marry Simon. And since she’s really moved on with her life, she tried to get the tattoo she got when she was with Dennis removed.

Well, Dennis clapped back. Now “Basketball Wives” fans suspect he may be dating a former cast member.

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  1. Childish and unnecessary. But like I said, Dennis and Porsha are not over each other. They will keep doing stuff like this because the feelings are still there.

  2. Not to get off the subject of Dennis and Porsha but. I watched the clip to remind myself who Dominique was and it’s so uncanny that all those heifers from Basketball wives said OG was violent but Evelyn has been violent from the rip. Go figure

  3. Dennis is messy and pressed. Bothered enough to go out of his way to see Porsha’s photo( why is she on you’re timeline), comment, and make a post.Even doing business with business he know people dont
    like porsha. Porsha didn’t do any of that. Dennis needs to move on because porsha has. Any contrary to haters, porsha stay booked and paid , also on great terms with many including networks. Dennis is giving desperate clout. Boy bye.

  4. Porsha is not over Dennis and that raggedy spin-off of hers proved that. Porsha and Simon stay taking passive aggressive shots at Falynn and Dennis. And they’re only together to upset their exes. If Porsha was over Dennis she wouldn’t felt the need to post a clip of her getting the tattoo removed. I don’t acknowledge my exes in any way or form because I’m happily married. U don’t care about them enough to try to make them mad. I see right through Porsha’s fakery now.

    1. Sorry it’s Dennis NOT OVER PORSCHA!! He’s a stocker!! I’m so glad that she has moved on because he’s a mommy boy. Porscha is the one that takes care of there daughter not him. He’s out hoing around. He thinks she’s going to wait for him boy bye because it’s not going to happen.

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