‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Nia, Noria, and Malaysia Feel the Wrath of the Group

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Here’s the recap for Basketball Wives, Episode 9.

Nia and Noria are escorted away.

The blowup between the Dorsey sisters and Duffey and Brooke resulted in Brandi being hit with a glass bottle. In a green screen interview, Brooke says she was wrong to throw a cup because it really escalated things. After Nia and Noria are taken away by security to calm down, Duffey breaks down in tears. She tells Malaysia that she hates what just happened. 

Brandi is looked at by paramedics and she says she is fine although she was hit in the back of the head. She doesn’t want to go to the hospital. 

Malaysia and Jackie to FaceTime Nia and Noria to see how they are doing after the drama. Noria is mad at herself for not walking away before things became so heated. And Malaysia and Jackie both feel that everyone was wrong in the situation.

Nia and Noria are out.

Brooke apologizes to the group for throwing the champagne at the sisters. And Jennifer reminds everyone that they are all a work in progress.

As the negativity wanes, Brandi tells Malaysia about her recent health scare and Malaysia says she doesn’t want Brandi to ever go through cancer again. Both women agree to have a talk without being forced to by the group.

Later on, Brittish and Brooke tell Jackie they don’t want to be around the sisters anymore because they are out of control. 

When Duffey returns to LA, she tells Iman that she no longer wants to retire. He’s not happy to hear this but Duffey makes it clear that she is going to make her own career decisions. And she is coming out with a record with French Montana. 

Brandi still doesn’t trust Malaysia.

Brooke meets up with her dad. She tells him that she and her mother got into a bad argument over something small. After the drama in LA, Brooke wants to hash things out with her mom. 

Brandi and Malaysia hang out. They talk about Brandi’s father passing away and grieving. They missed each other and Malaysia said it was hard for her to say what was on her mind after Brandi accused her of knowing her father died but not reaching out. Regardless, Brandi doesn’t want them to ever go without speaking again. Even if they won’t be as close as they were.

Brooke is able to hug things out with her mother after a year of not speaking.

Duffey and Iman are able to find common ground after Iman hears Duffey’s first produced track. He’s on board with her making music since she won’t have to travel much. And maybe producing will make Duffey want to retire her DJ career.

After a fun game of basketball at Angel’s house, Brandi tells Brooke she doesn’t trust Malaysia despite their recent outing. And Malaysia tells Jackie she’s glad to have her sister back.

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  1. One can express Oneself passionately without being uncouth and acting like adolescents. The ladies can not say that Malaysha intentionally brought her friend whom dated Angel’s ex to antagonize her. Angel said Malaysha’s friend dated ger ex after they had broken up. It should not bother her whom her ex dated afterwards. She is in a loving relationship with Rock-Star now. I felt as though their was no voice of reason. Brandi was not a supportive friend at all. Malaysha conducted herself like a lady and departed a chaotic situation. I don’t like if One has an issue with another, everyone else joins in collectively against that One person.

    Another Ex. The sisters
    No One is holding Brooke or Duffy accountable. The sister should not have thrown a bottle. That is unacceptable. No One allowed the sister to finish her apologize and express how she was feeling. Duffy and Brooke began their verbal attacks; although, the situation had nothing to do with them.

    Ladies, learn to express yourselves better. Brooke stated in a different post after apologizing that it was entertainment.
    Quite the contray.

    I dont know authentic friends whom act like this. My friends and I are not basketball wives. We are all college grads who do like to have fun with our families and if we have a difference of an opinion, we address it like grown women. We work hard and play hard but we act accordingly like ladies.

    Be Well
    Stay Positive

  2. Brandi was upset that Malaysia wasn’t her “friend,” even though they fell out. But after that sitdown convo, she doesn’t trust Malaysia or wanna be her friend. If that’s the case, then why put all this effort into trying to move forward if she don’t wanna be friends w/Malaysia? Someone help this make sense!!????????

  3. British ALWAYS hated on Malaysia so i knew it would be a matter of time before she tried to come for Malaysia….but i am proud Malaysia payed it deuces because real talk she would PUNISH British.Brooke a BULLY…Duffy GOOFY and a BULLY…Angel Too FRAGILE to be on the show i don’t understand why they brought her back she was BORING the last time she was on the show…i feel bbw may be coming to a END!!!!

  4. I said out the gate….Brandi is a two headed snake that is not to be trusted. Something about her makes my spirit uneasy. I don’t know if it is that resting stank b**** face or what….I have NEVER BEEN team Brandi.
    I liked Brooke when she very first appeared on show. I thought she was a voice of reason. I must have missed some episodes when she became a messy a**. Her personality, fake voice and wanna be cute tail need to go on somewhere.
    British baby hush with your money issue swlf…just HUSH.
    Angel you need to stop being so intimidated by PopTart. You are good and grown. Stop acting like a scared child when speaking with him.

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