DJ Duffey Responds After ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Slam Her Over Treatment of Dorsey Sisters

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Nia Dorsey and Noria Dorsey had a major blowup with DJ Duffey and Brooke Bailey.

Basketball Wives” is in the middle of another eventful season and the drama hasn’t slowed down. On Season 10, a lot of feuds are front and center. Interestingly enough, Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell’s drama seems to be cooling down. The former friends fell out after Brandi was fired from the show. Malaysia tried to save her job. However, she claimed Brandi didn’t see things that way. And she strongly believes that Brandi was upset with her because she didn’t succeed in keeping her on the show or quit out of solidarity. Regardless, both women were able to hash things out on the recent episode. Apologies were made and a hug ensued as both women were tearful during the moment.

While Malaysia and Brandi seemingly made progress, Nia Dorsey is still in a bad place with multiple ladies in the group. DJ Duffey and Brooke Bailey took issue with the meme Nia posted to her Instagram Story ahead of Angel Brinks’ baby shower. The meme said that out-of-wedlock baby shower food is great. Nia agreed with the message and she was accused of being shady towards Angel.

Angel was offended. However, she agreed to move on from the situation after talking things out with Nia. But Duffey and Brooke weren’t moved by Nia’s apology. The tension only worsened during the cast trip to Las Vegas. And Nia, her sister Noria Dorsey, Duffey, and Brooke got into a nasty altercation in which glass was thrown.

Some fans have accused Brooke and Duffey of doing the absolute most. And recently, Duffey clapped back at the criticism.

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  1. Girl bye. You were helping yourself to a storyline. And you thought the sisters would be punks but you and Brooke ended up with egg on your faces.

    1. It’s a d-mn shame you feel BW needs to use you to help a storyline. Who are you again? Goodnight!

  2. DJ Duffey needs a storyline so how are you giving someone else story lines? I’m confused.. The sisters are liked more that DJ Duffey. she only has the smoke because Tammy isn’t on the show. Bring Tammy and Evelyn back and see what happens or Bring Malaysia a friend, bring Bambi back..

  3. Girl you doing too much, you and your bully friend. Apparently the both of you need story lines. Whatever happened to uplifting women.The group is split and you are the main one keeping it that way. Tell that.

  4. The storyline im most disappointed with is Brandi. Ok Malaysia wasn’t there for her when her dad died. Did she ask what Malaysia what she may have been going through? Who is Brooke and British but messy and bitter women. Brooke’s voice wears me out

  5. Girl Bye, u and Brooke are real life bullies and somebody needs to give you lessons on being a lady and not a bully!

  6. Brandy never recognizes nor takes responsibility for her behavior Duffy was not doing the things Brandy accused of I do not like brandy she always has a funky attitude when she can’t take control over a situation

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