DJ Duffey Responds After ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Slam Her Over Treatment of Dorsey Sisters

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DJ Duffey said she is giving Nia Dorsey and Noria Dorsey storylines on “Basketball Wives.”

DJ Duffey is used to having drama on “Basketball Wives.” In fact, her first season was full of it. She clashed something serious with Tami Roman. After Duffey didn’t have much success in helping Tami’s daughter with her rap career, an argument ensued. The two women nearly came to blows because Tami felt like Duffey disrespected her daughter.

On the current season of the show, Duffey isn’t getting along with Nia Dorsey and Noria Dorsey. Duffey felt like Nia was shady to post a meme to Instagram Story about out-of-wedlock baby shower food being great. She felt like this was shady towards Angel Brinks. The meme was shared hours before Angel’s gender reveal. Brooke Bailey also didn’t like the post. So Duffey and Brooke nearly came to blows with the Dorsey sisters on the recent episode.

During an argument, Duffey threw a paper plate toward Nia and Noria. Brooke then threw her drink and glasses went flying.

Duffey and Brooke have been accused of overreacting and bullying the sisters. Brooke has denied being a bully. She also said that she only came for the sisters to help them out. And she knew they needed a storyline.

Interestingly enough, Duffey said something similar after an Instagram user called her out. The person wrote, “You were dead wrong f****** with them sisters the way you did. I would’ve went out with a bang if I were them!!!”

In response to this, Duffey said, “Y’all need to stop judging off a couple seconds. The sisters got no f****** TV time at all! I did that as a favor to help them keep they job…now run and tell that.”

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  1. Girl bye. You were helping yourself to a storyline. And you thought the sisters would be punks but you and Brooke ended up with egg on your faces.

    1. It’s a d-mn shame you feel BW needs to use you to help a storyline. Who are you again? Goodnight!

  2. DJ Duffey needs a storyline so how are you giving someone else story lines? I’m confused.. The sisters are liked more that DJ Duffey. she only has the smoke because Tammy isn’t on the show. Bring Tammy and Evelyn back and see what happens or Bring Malaysia a friend, bring Bambi back..

  3. Girl you doing too much, you and your bully friend. Apparently the both of you need story lines. Whatever happened to uplifting women.The group is split and you are the main one keeping it that way. Tell that.

  4. The storyline im most disappointed with is Brandi. Ok Malaysia wasn’t there for her when her dad died. Did she ask what Malaysia what she may have been going through? Who is Brooke and British but messy and bitter women. Brooke’s voice wears me out

  5. Girl Bye, u and Brooke are real life bullies and somebody needs to give you lessons on being a lady and not a bully!

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