‘Basketball Wives’ Star Malaysia Pargo is Leaving the Show?

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Malaysia Pargo is caught up in a lot of drama.

Basketball Wives” fans are still talking about the latest episode. On the episode, viewers saw the conclusion of Nia Dorsey and Noria Dorsey’s explosive confrontation with DJ Duffey and Brooke Bailey. After Duffey and Brooke threw a plate and a cup at the sisters, they responded. And a glass was thrown back. Unfortunately, Brandi Maxiell was the one who was hit. Security then escorted the sisters away. Brooke and Brittish Williams told Jackie Christie that Noria and Nia were to blame for the violence. So they have no desire to film with the sisters ever again. It’s likely that will be the last time that Nia and Noria will be seen on the show this season.

Another moment that fans are still discussing is what happened with Malaysia Pargo. She thought she and Brandi Maxiell hashed things out. However, Brandi told the others that she still doesn’t trust Malaysia. And she’s not really interested in them being friends again.

Since Brandi is still harboring anger toward Malaysia, she didn’t think Malaysia was innocent when she showed up at Jennifer Williams’ hair company event with a woman who dated Angel Brinks’ ex.  Interestingly enough, it’s rumored that the moment was a complete set-up by producers. And Malaysia is so fed up that she’s done with the show.

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  1. This isn’t nice to say but Basketball Wives has some of the dumbest fans. Anyone with a brain can see this show is fake and producers set these girls up to keep the drama going. I could tell Malaysia barely knew that girl and only filmed with her because producers told her to. They knew she dated Angel’s ex but didn’t tell Malaysia so Malaysia could look like the bad guy. Producers told Angel and the others what was up and they pounced on her to have a moment. If they all come back, they will all turn on each other next season because this show is fake and it’s all about a check for these girls. This show was better when it was actually authentic and the cast had real history with each other. This season deserves the low ratings.

    1. I agree. That was really messed up how they did Malaysia. British is just mad because of what happened between Brandy and Malaysia. Girl, sit down with all that. You were really mad and for what? Yeah, you got something against Malaysia
      Stop hating. You didn’t go at those sister’s like that.

  2. These producers are killing what’s left of this show. It’s already hanging by a thread. Now you have multiple cast members quitting halfway into the season. Mess.

  3. Where’s First Lady Shaunie in all this mess? Is she still the EP? Why hasn’t First Lady sounded off on all the shenanigans? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. As with any show portraying us in a dark light, I can’t support it.
    What I don’t get is why these ladies dumb down to it? Especially the OG Jackie Christie.

  5. I’m done, now Malaysia. Brandy play the victim. She’s is stupid ???? to be upset to even think someone would quit their job because she got fired. The other woman are to weak to tell her she’s wrong. I bet they wouldn’t do it either. They been to bring back the old cast. Remember those women were let go for a reason. Brandy came back with the mission to destroy Malaysia. Brandy is fake. If they have another season and this is the same cast especially Brandy. I will not be watching

  6. Ah, it’s all adding up now. I read somewhere that the current production team is brand new and they are playing really dirty behind the scenes. Sounds like they picked a group of girls that they would sic on Malaysia. Brandi was in on it because she’s still mad she was fired YEARS ago. Brittish is mad about the “dry hi.” Duffey was always jealous of Brandi and Malaysia’s friendship so she went along with it. And Brooke was desperate for a storyline and check so she was down with it as well. Seems like the only ones who didn’t know they were being set up in this situation are Malaysia and Angel. Now it makes sense that both of them quit halfway into the season and don’t want to come back. These producers really blew it. This season could have been legendary. But they wanted to be messy and unethical and here we are. No more Nia, Noria, Malaysia, or Angel. What a fail.

  7. I was done with Malaysia whe she flipped and start hanging out with Shaunie and Evelyn. She was considered a real on up until then. Then she start bullying Jennifer, I was 100% done with her at that point because it was very clear she was only doing that to please Shaunie. Girl Bye

  8. I really feel like Shaunie did this season with only them to show how they really are with each other lol. British needs to go n pray that she doesn’t go to jail for fraud n Brandi well she gets on my nerves.N Jackie is just there to keep the mess going lol.

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