‘Basketball Wives’ Drama: Zell Swag Drags Brittish Williams Over Treatment of Malaysia Pargo

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Malaysia Pargo is not fitting in with the current “Basketball Wives” cast.

Basketball Wives” fans have a lot to say about the drama that is going down on the current season. Some of the LA cast members have returned. This includes Brooke Bailey, DJ Duffey, Brandi Maxiell, Brittish Williams, and Angel Brinks. Interestingly enough, their reemergence hasn’t been good news for Malaysia Pargo. In fact, she and Brandi fell out a few years ago. Malaysia believes the issue was Brandi was upset with her because she was fired. Malaysia said she tried to save Brandi’s job by bringing her around and still filming scenes with her. However, Brandi was still let go. And Malaysia thinks her choice to remain on the show despite Brandi’s departure may have soured the friendship.

Although it seemed as if Brandi and Malaysia hashed things out in the recent episode, Brandi told the other ladies that she still doesn’t trust Malaysia. So she called out Malaysia once it was revealed that Malaysia came to Jennifer Williams’ event with a woman who dated Angel Brinks’ ex Tyreke Evans. Angel and Tyreke broke up years ago. But they do have a child together.

Malaysia told the other women that she only found out very recently about her friend’s past with Tyreke. However, this still didn’t go over well with the other women. Brittish was the most vocal. And Malaysia decided to leave the event before she went back to her old ways.

Well, one person who continues to have Malaysia’s back is Zell Swag. He came for Brittish after the episode aired.

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  1. This season is alot of drama and I just don’t care for it anymore I used to be ready to watch the show now I don’t really like it cause it is starting to be drama on it now

  2. I agree with Zelle. She needs to focus on her own issues. Brandi is a 2 faced victim. Angel needs to stop wining and being a victim. Brooke needs to find something to do. Brandi is making it her mission to turn everyone against Malaysia. Basketball wives is not the same. The new cast socks. The one I’m most disgusted with is Brandi

    1. Exactly 💯 Brittish has enough to worry about where she going!! This season is a hot mess!! Just cancel it!!

  3. This is why I can’t help but roll my eyes when people call Brittish so “real” for what she said to Malaysia because in real life, Brittish scams innocent people and committed fraud. She’s not some upstanding person so her comments about Malaysia were ironic and hypocritical. She can’t criticize anyone.

  4. I honestly was happy about the season when they announced who was coming back but then when I started to watch, I was reminded that I actually didn’t like any of the girls who were fired. They are all fake, nasty, and trying way too hard to make storylines out of people who pay them dust.

  5. They all don’t have a story line so use Malaysia. H-ll Jason cheated over 15 times. Could have been with one of the ladies at the table. Don’t know who to meet in LA because he probably slept with them as well

  6. Queen, what you saying about all these BBW shenanigans?

    I know they had better leave Malaze alone! Brandi is a hypocrite’s favorite hypocrite. Do like Britney and cry me a river already!

    P.S. Wasn’t Jenn’s white outfit all that! 😍🤩🥰

  7. I have no idea who whose people are, but their names made me giggle inappropriately about history. It’s 2022; can’t the Brit(t)ish leave Malaysia alone already!?

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