‘Basketball Wives’ Stars Malaysia Pargo & Brandi Maxiell Fall Out, Again, Despite Making Peace?

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Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo hashed out their issues.

Basketball Wives” fans were surprised when they learned Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell fell out. On the current season, they confirmed they haven’t spoken in three years. But they came face to face at Jackie Christie’s annual wedding. Brandi wasted no time calling Malaysia out for not reaching out after her father died. However, Malaysia said she had no idea. And she would never be petty about Brandi’s father passing away. Regardless, Brandi wasn’t so convinced that Malaysia was telling the truth. She said that she and Malaysia have mutual friends. So there’s no way Malaysia didn’t know.

After a failed attempt to hash things out, Brandi and Malaysia nearly came to blows. This happened at DJ Duffey’s dating event. Malaysia was so heated that she opened up about the demise of their friendship. And she alleged that Brandi was upset with her because she was fired from the show. Malaysia also believed Brandi felt she could have done more to save her job. But Malaysia feels she did her best to keep Brandi in the group. And she wasn’t going to quit “Basketball Wives” to prove her loyalty.

Interestingly enough, Malaysia and Brandi were able to talk things out on the recent episode. It was an emotional moment for both women. They cried and hugged it out while the ladies spent time in Las Vegas.

While fans were happy to see them back in a good place, one cast member revealed that the peace didn’t last between them.

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  1. These women fight over the dumbest things now. How is Brandi mad at Malaysia when she isn’t the one who hires and fires anybody? This season is so lame. These women have no actual storylines, so they came on the show to pick at the others who were already there.

  2. I was rooting for the Dorsey sisters and yet Nia posting things on line that has NOTHING to do with her…did she not learn from the baby shower Guuuuuurl…smh
    I was teary eyed watching them makeup…i think they both need to move on the friendship is done.(sadly)

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