Phaedra Parks Doesn’t Think Her Departure from RHOA Was Fair?

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Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks’ fallout turned dark.

Phaedra Parks’ exit from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was a very controversial one. After an entire season of Kandi Burruss wondering where Porsha Williams got her accusations from, Porsha came clean at the Season 9 reunion. She said that it was Phaedra who told her that Kandi and Todd Tucker wanted to drug her, then have their way with her in the s*x dungeon. Kandi was in shock. She knew that her friendship with Phaedra had fallen apart. But she didn’t think things had gotten that bad to the point that Phaedra would do this. And she was hurt and furious.

After this revelation was made, Porsha said she felt like Phaedra used her. And the point was Phaedra only said this so Porsha would unknowingly do her dirty work. Andy Cohen would later say that the ladies on the show no longer wanted to film with Phaedra. So she wasn’t invited to return for the following season.

Although years have passed by, the situation is one that is still discussed on social media. Some fans want Phaedra to return to RHOA. However, Kandi has made it clear that she would leave the show if that ever happened. And it seems as if Bravo is fine with keeping Kandi on the show, and having Phaedra make appearances on “Real Housewives of Dubai” and the second season of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.”

Interestingly enough, Phaedra was asked about the situation on RHUGT. And her response has fans talking, too.

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    1. They like Phaedra because they hate Kenya and Kandi. That’s literally it because if it was anyone else doing evil things like Phaedra has done, they’d have a petition ready to go.

  1. Phaedra gets on my nerves now. She had ample amount of opportunity to tell her side at that reunion but she sat there quiet like a deer in headlights. I never thought a few of my RHOA favorites would all become so annoying and nasty as the years went on.

  2. I like Phaedra but she has to take accountability for her actions repeating gossip that was HURTFUL to someone….and got my bae Porsha caught up in that mess…

  3. If it was that serious to Kandi, why bring light to the s-x dungeon to make money. Make me think that what Phaedra said was true. Ijs.

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