Sheree Whitfield Shares Interesting Details About Romance with Martell Holt

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Sheree Whitfield’s romance with Tyrone Gilliams didn’t work out.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield is having a pretty eventful season. The majority of her storyline has been centered around her romance with Tyrone Gilliams. Sheree stuck with Tyrone while he served time in prison. Interestingly enough, NeNe Leakes wasn’t a fan of Tyrone. And she told Sheree and the others that Tyrone was a scammer who couldn’t be trusted. At the time, Sheree felt like NeNe was just jealous. And she and Tyrone accused NeNe of wanting to be with him. Of course, this only caused more tension in Sheree’s on and off again friendship with NeNe.

Sheree’s relationship with Tyrone went south after he got out of prison. On the show, Sheree intended to see Tyrone in Philadelphia. At the time, he was in a halfway house. So he had to adhere to strict rules, or he would be sent right back to prison.

While Sheree was waiting for Tyrone at a restaurant in Philidelphia, he never showed up. This caused Sheree to break down in tears. She felt disrespected, especially since she put years into the relationship. But she told the other ladies on the show that the moment was a clear sign she needed to move on from Tyrone.

After the disappointing ending with Tyrone, it was rumored that Sheree may have found romance with “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt.

Well, Sheree has now confirmed that she is dating Martell. And she shared some interesting details about the relationship, too.

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  1. Sheree is proving to me that she’s dumber than a box of rocks. She’s going from an ex-con who wouldn’t give her the time of day to a serial cheater who puts his ex-wife thru changes & had a kid with another woman. Smh

  2. After seeing these clips and the fact that Sheree called TMZ to her house to tell them this, I’m starting to think this “relationship” is just for storylines and publicity.

  3. Out of respect for another black women, Sheree should not give Martell the time of day.But Sheree can’t do that because she will take any man. If you date a jailbird you will date any man.

  4. This is a bunch of crap, she says they are hanging out, he says that he is building her a pool. They are probably making a workout video.

    1. Ladies, never claim a man before he claims you. What ever happened to getting to know someone before telling the whole world you’re a couple? Sheree said, only 2 months dating. I mean, dang! That man just got out of his marriage because his gorgeous ex-wife divorced him. Remember, he didn’t want the divorce he wanted his cake & ice cream too. He’s STILL on the rebound and not over Melody. I heard that he introduced his children to her. Just a bit too soon for that. Shame on him! Happy for Melody, though! Wow! SMH

  5. This sound like a SCHEME Sheree n Montel set up to come to BRAVO with the B***S***….trying to keep her peach by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.smdh

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