Robyn Dixon Says Monique Samuels Was Good for RHOP + Gizelle Bryant Throws Shade

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Monique Samuels rubbed Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon the wrong way.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon didn’t have the best relationship with Monique Samuels when she was on the show. Gizelle and Monique had tension the first time they met. After Monique said that she and her husband Chris Samuels were looking for a house in Potomac, Gizelle asked if they didn’t have a home. And Monique went on to tell Gizelle that she actually has four. Gizelle thought that Monique was being arrogant, and that exchange turned her completely off from wanting to get to know Monique. Later on in an argument, Gizelle told Monique she was only on RHOP because of Chris. So she felt like Monique needed to humble herself.

Robyn and Monique had tension because Monique’s brother used to run a fan page for her and shaded Robyn on social media. At the height of their drama, they got up in each other’s faces. And Monique threatened to choke Robyn out with an umbrella if she didn’t back up. Robyn didn’t back up but luckily both women were restrained.

Considering Monique’s history with Robyn and Gizelle, fans weren’t surprised when they supported Candiace Dillard after she and Monique had an altercation.

Interestingly enough, the green-eyed bandits recently talked about Monique on their podcast. And they said that Monique was good for the show.

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  1. Gizelle is a beautiful woman….but she has a ole nasty spirit within her!!! And Robyn ain’t too far from behind her…

  2. The problem was that from the first conversation Monique had with Gizelle she was so jealous of Monique that she literally was green with envy. From that day on, she worked against Monique. Gizelle couldn’t compete.

  3. That’s a bunch of bull because they had a dark skin cast member already. I can’t think of her name her and Monique were actually friends. Her husband was a basketball ball coach. I can’t stand those two green eyed creeps

  4. Look at Robyn being diplomatic and Giselle being the hater that she is. Robyn forgot about their friend Charriss, she’s dark with the big nose and lips. Maybe she was to dark? Monique was good for the show. From the start she didn’t back down to Green-eyed Brandits but gave as good as she got.

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