‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Eugene & Kiran Clash + Tea is Spilled

married to medicine season 9 episode 4
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On the latest episode of “Married to Medicine,”  the aftermath of the intervention continues. Contessa is hurt that Heavenly didn’t apologize for her comments on YouTube. And Heavenly is hurt that Contessa planned an intervention with Simone and Toya – two women she’s not cool with. After everything plays out, it doesn’t seem like Heavenly and Contessa will be able to fix their friendship. 

One person Heavenly does apologize to is Quad. However, Quad accepts the apology with one important detail – she will end the friendship if Heavenly says anything else that is negative about her on YouTube. Interestingly enough, Heavenly continues to give life to the rumors during a conversation with Anila. 

And Eugene and Kiran clash after Halloween costumes are used to be shady. 

Here’s a recap for, “Party Foul.”

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  1. I am still waiting for someone, anyone to address that major overbite on Dr. Simone. No one has pointed out that overbite since the show began? It’s the first thing you see entering a room and the last thing you see on your way out of the room.

    1. How old are you? Better question what are your accomplishments and contributions to society since you think that discussing her overbite is a priority? Have you made any?

      1. What? First of all I’m old enough. Secondly what has my accomplishments and contributions have to do with Dr. Simone’s giant overbite?? It’s a valid question. Apparently Dr. Simon needs real friends who will keep it 💯. Check yourself and answer my question.

  2. No one care about her over bite. We all have flaws and we don’t want anyone to point them out. Simone is attractive and is my favorite on the show.

    1. Yes, someone cares about that overbite. It says a lot about her.

      So she’s your fave? Really tho? Now that tells me a lot about you. Can you take several seats please?

      1. @RealTalk, her overtime was already addressed at one of the reunions. Heavenly, of course, throwing shade said she would be willing yo fix it. Dr. Simone said she is well aware of her over bite, it is apart of who she is, and she is very comfortable in her own skin.

        So really, it isn’t an issue for her, Cecil, her children, her patients, or Bravo.

        1. @JustMeToo! So who made you The Chief Explainer of everything weird and extra with Dr. Simone? I just asked a question. I got no valid reasons, no good explanations. Just a lot of … Make sure Dr. Simone and Bravo cut you the check you deserve: $0.01 (and tell them to make it out to cash). And then go to your timeout chair and sit for a while. You did way too much with your 1,000 word comment.

  3. Heavenly is never wrong with any h-llish thing she does. You don’t talk about your friends the she does. Even her husband thinks she’s wrong.

  4. Hmm I think Toya and Simone are right about Heavenly. It does seem like she talks about everyone else’s marriages so she doesn’t have to open up about hers on the show. She’s mastered deflecting. All these years on the show and we still don’t know much about her or her marriage. Meanwhile, the others have shared so much. It’s unfair honestly.

  5. I’m a die hard Heavenly fan and yes she’s messy but she just calls it like it is no sugar coating. Everything she tells has already been said she just add a little spin to it. They all talk about each otherbut have their little clichés and every so often they switch up. Personally I’m sick of Contessa and the show would definitely be boring if Heavenly didn’t add that extra

    1. You like Heavenly because she’s entertaining on a reality show. That’s it. So you’re not being considerate of the other women on that platform who viewed her as a friend and are hurt by her actions. I guarantee you’d have a problem with one of your friends going on the internet and speaking ill of you online to build a following and get YouTube checks. I wish y’all would stop the fan behavior and be honest. Heavenly isn’t a true friend to anyone. And that’s a sign of dysfunction. Not honesty.

      1. @Gloria Really? We “fans” watch the show. That’s our assignment. Watch. That’s it. It is not our job to dissect situations and personalities! You talking like we “fans” are 100% invested in the shenanigans that go on during Married To Medicine and other Bravo reality shows. No we are not! We are in the real world, not reality world. You have a lot of nerve with your condescending comments! You have come up on the right one though. I don’t mind checking folks when they are clearly playing tennis with a basketball!

        1. There was nothing condescending about what I said. Leave me out of your personal insecurities, Real Talk. I stand by every word of my original comment, too. Heavenly isn’t a real friend to anyone. And anyone who comes on here and says what she’s doing to her friends on the show is okay is lying and wouldn’t want it done to them. I’d never do my friends the way Heavenly does hers. Her own husband told her she’s wrong. So I’m not sure what you want to argue about today. Take your blog tough guy act somewhere else. No one is scared of you.

          1. Let me give you the “Great Job” award today. You sure are worked up over a reality show where none of the characters care about you or me. They are sitting in their beautiful homes, sippin on syrup, and laughing at the comments. I’m not tough. Just an RN who has 22 years at the same hospital. I’m regular folk. I’m real! I just don’t like nonsense. I like to read Urban Belle articles on my break. Deuces Chick! P.S. You still extra!!!!

        2. You dissected Simone’s appearance. The rest of us are dissecting what we actually see happening on the show. Are you new to internet? When TV shows trend on Twitter, it’s because fans are dissecting what is happening on the shows they watch. And I actually am condescending and proud. So let’s get that out the way.

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