LHHATL: Yandy Smith Checks Mendeecees Harris + Kendra Robinson Goes off on Yung Joc

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LHHATL returns with more drama.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” returns on August 8. So far, cast members have been pretty busy with social media feuds. In fact, Momma Dee isn’t on good terms with Scrappy or Bambi. She’s been calling out both on the internet. Momma Dee thinks Scrappy has chosen Bambi over him. And she’s blamed Bambi for Scrappy not speaking to her. Interestingly enough, Scrappy is tired of Momma Dee and Bambi clashing. Plus, it’s going to be interesting to watch the show to see if Momma Dee’s close relationship with Shay Johnson has been an issue for him. Momma Dee has accused Bambi of being jealous of their friendship. However, Bambi has denied this. She just wants Momma Dee to stop bashing her online or at least keep the same energy in person.

Interestingly enough, Bambi and Scrappy have some tension as well on the trailer for the upcoming episodes. Plus, Yandy Smith goes off on Mendeecees Harris after an effort to mend things with Samantha Wallace goes left. And Yung Joc’s happy times with Kendra Robinson come to an end once it’s rumored he had a baby with another woman. In one scene, Kendra goes completely off on Joc. It leaves him in shock.

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  1. Yandy signed up to be a stepmother though. Weird that she thinks she should be thanked for doing what’s required. Did she ever apologize to Samantha for her being jumped at the reunion by her male assistant and play sister/blood cousin? It’s kind of hard to have a decent coparenting relationship when you’re cool with your stepson’s mom being jumped on TV. I need adults to stop the nonsense and do right by all the kids involved.

  2. Now see when people on here said that Kendra was settling for Joc and all of his baby momma baggage, it was said we were being too”judgmental” and we need to cut black men some slack. I’ll say it again and I don’t care who gets mad, leave men with baby mommas (emphasis on the plural form here – one child and BM is fine) and prison baes alone. If a man has multiple children with multiple women, he is clearly promiscuous and he’s not going to be faithful to you. And if you start dating a man while he’s in prison, you’re being foolish. Do better ladies. Settling never works out for women in the end. Kendra deserves better but she settled because she thought she’d be the one he changed for. That’s a branch of pick me foolishness women need to leave behind asap.

    1. Kendra has always been disappointing. How many Times have we seen Young Joc at the strip club? How many baby Mamas does this dude have???Kendra get a GRIP!

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