Momma Dee Slams Bambi & Comes for Her Parenting Ahead of LHHATL Premiere

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Momma Dee isn’t in a good place with Scrappy and Bambi.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” returns in August. Interestingly enough, fans have still been able to keep up with the drama thanks to social media. Although Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels’ split has been a hot topic, another controversial subject is Momma Dee’s strained relationship with Bambi. Momma Dee has been showing off her close friendship with Shay Johnson. Shay recently became a mother. And Momma Dee calls herself the child’s glam mother. When some people questioned why she’s been so involved in Shay’s journey into motherhood, Momma Dee gets really upset. She also accused Bambi of being jealous of her friendship with Shay. She said that Bambi allegedly ruined the relationship that she has with her son Scrappy.

Momma Dee told her supporters that Scrappy isn’t really talking to her. While she places all of the blame on Bambi, Scrappy has made it clear that he’s tired of his mother’s treatment of his wife.

In fact, Momma Dee has thrown a lot of jabs at Bambi and her mother on the show as well as on social media. Scrappy has had enough. And he wants a peaceful family life.

Well, he won’t be getting his wish granted anytime soon. Recently, Momma Dee came for Bambi once again and even her parenting.

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  1. This right here is exactly why Scrappy don’t want nothing to do with his momma now. She is way to old to be acting like this then wanna blame Bambi for the demise of her relationship with her son. Momma Dee is so jealous of Scrappy relationship with Bambi it’s sad.

  2. Posts like this are what I am so grateful for my parents. They put family first and would never get on the internet and bash my husband like this. Momma Dee puts more effort into her friendship with Shay than she does her relationships with her son and daughter in law. I don’t find her endearing or entertaining anymore. She’s a troublemaker. Scrappy definitely deserves better.

    1. Mamma Dee is the reason that Scrappy isn’t with Erika. She’s top old for this messiness. Don’t blame Bambi about the demise of your relationship with Scrappy, blame yourself!! Now you’re coming for her parenting, it’s not going to get any better from here. If Scrappy would of put his foot down with his Momma a long time ago this wouldn’t be happening now.

  3. I love Momma Dee. She is the epitome of keep that same energy. Right wrong or indifferent. Bambi’s mom waa disrespectful. Coming to that lady’s house staying for free, talking about her and trying to fight her. All bets are off at that time. Bambi can choose not to be cool with Mamma Dee but she shouldnt say a word. That’s Scrappy ‘s mom. Let his and the kids relationship with her be separate without you. Keep all opinions and comments to yourself. I am sure if she hadn’t inserted herself, they would be cool. But regardless, Scrappy can choose not to talk to her but Momma Dee don’t have to care.

  4. Don’t she have a man? She needs to sit her 79year old a-s down. She was messy from the jump. She stank now.

  5. Mama Dee is a miserable old Bat. Go sit your old butt down somewhere and act like a parent and the grandmother you are.

  6. God don’t like ugly.. Wasn’t you just sick a while back thinking you was about to die. You mad cause your son finally grew up and got off the titty and out from under your control? Pay attention to your husband.

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