Erica Mena Claps Back After Someone Comes for Her Teeth + Takes Credit for LHHATL Ratings

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Erica Mena’s breakup with Safaree Samuels has been a hot topic.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Erica Mena has been a regular in the headlines due to her nasty split with Safaree Samuels. Fans originally believed the former couple had a true love story. And that what appeared to be a fairytale could stand the test of time. However, their problems really began to kick in after they moved to Atlanta. Erica was pregnant with their second child. She felt like Safaree had checked out of the relationship emotionally. Plus, she didn’t believe he was being helpful enough around the house. At that point, Safaree said he had grown tired of their explosive arguments. So he didn’t mind leaving the house often and enjoying paid club appearances.

Erica also accused Safaree of cheating on her. After he went on Twitter to declare that marrying Erica was his biggest mistake, she eventually pulled the plug on the marriage. Then Safaree started to regret his actions. And he refused to sign divorce papers. He told everyone he wanted to save their marriage.

Regardless, Erica wasn’t convinced that Safaree really wanted to do right by her. So she went forward with dissolving their union.

The upcoming season of LHHATL will once again focus on Erica and Safaree’s breakdown. And some fans have expressed they are tired of seeing the drama play out on the show. Interestingly enough, Erica has clapped back at this. Plus, she also had something to say after someone was critical of her teeth.

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  1. Oh Erica. While I’m totally fine with clapping back at foolishness people at you with, I do find it interesting that Erica’s clap back is always calling people broke and poor. Like she really makes it clear what she thinks about the people who watch the show.

  2. Y’all remember when Erica quit L&HH because she was engaged to Bow Wow and she said she was too good for the show? Then she had to humble herself and return when that didn’t work out. Now the arrogance is on 10 again. Funny sh-t.

  3. Erica and Safaree ..Yandy and Mendeecees had to run to Love and Hip Hop ATL cause NY is no more …she brings nothing to the show except toxicity and twerking….why are they even on the show ..noone cares about her and Safaree anymore

  4. I am glad you back Erica you are something FINE to look at.ijs
    Also STOP responding to people that don’t know you.

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