LAMH Fans Create Petition to Remove Martell Holt from Show Amid Messy Social Media Posts

Martell Holt custody battle LAMH
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Martell Holt’s co-parenting relationship with Melody soured.

“Love and Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt‘s name has been in the news quite a bit since the show’s mid-season finale a few weeks ago. Most notably, Martell’s name landed on multiple blogs for his rumored romance with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield.

This is after Martell and his now ex-wife Melody Holt vacationed together with their kids and parents in an attempt to improve their co-parenting relationship.

However, this relationship seemingly soured as Martell filed a custody suit against Melody in Alabama. The lawsuit news shocked LAMH fans and many wondered why Martell and Melody’s relationship took a turn for the worse. People even speculated if their co-star Destiny Payton testified on Martell’s behalf. She denied this.

Well, over the weekend, Martell issued a statement expressing frustration. He accused Melody of allegedly lying about the apparent welfare of the children while around her brother Marcus.

And in response to this statement, fed-up fans are demanding Carlos King removes Martell from LAMH.

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  1. To get involved over scripted “Not all Real” TV would make me as silly as this whole drama series is! I’m officially signing off of this show as I did Facebook 2 years ago and never missed it. It would be nice in some of these scenes that others may watch, to see someone take these children to “Church” perhaps they’re going, just saying it’ll be a positive parenting step to see.
    Everyone thinking a petition will stop the people making money off this and other shows? In your dreams. It’s all about the money.
    Initially for me it was nice entertainment,now? Another level of crazy!
    Signing off” LAAMH!
    Thanks for listening.

  2. It honestly seems like Martell is just trying to ruin Melody any way possible because she doesn’t want to get back together with him.

  3. Exactly Bee. But I have to say it’s not entertaining to me to watch a woman be emotionally abused by a man because he’s mad she divorced him. I don’t even want to watch the show anymore. And he is homophobic. I picked up on that quickly. Carlos brags about ratings all day long but when does his sensitivity chip and morals kick in?

  4. He won’t be fired. But Melody fans don’t have to worry about her. Prayer keeps Melody protected and God continues to bless her. Martell will not be victorious.

  5. I think Martell has burner accounts he uses to keep up with what Melody is doing so every time he sees her collect a new win, he throws a temper tantrum. He hates that she’s doing better without him.

  6. A good bit of this we wouldn’t even have known because Melody didn’t say anything. Martell is spilling his own tea and telling a lot of lies in the process. Why is he so angry when he’s the one that broke up his family? He needs to be mad at himself. Joint custody is more than fair. He’s causing trouble out of spite.

  7. Can someone please explain it to me, please do not be mean, I am honestly trying to understand where y’all are coming from.

    Martel’s statement is that Melody is too busy to watch the kids and so the kids end up being watched by people that Martel is not comfortable watching his kids.

    Melody has done interviews and talked about Martel.

    Martel cheated on Melody with multiple women and had kids with them. Arionne is the only that chose to go public but he messed with other women while he was married to Melody and even had a baby with at least one of them. Melody knew that he was cheating but chose to stay until she couldn’t stay anymore.

    Based on this article, how is Martel emotionally abusing Melody?

  8. I am so glad so many people are seeing what narcissistic abuse is. The misogynoir in the comments I used to see where Melody was blamed for everything have become fewer and fewer. That is progress. I am so proud of Melody for sitting back and allowing Martell to destroy himself. He clearly does not have a good attorney.

    1. Martell,want cast to believe he is have a hard time with Melody moving on. She has her own brand that has nothing to with Martell. He love to used the other cast remember to get them to talk bad about Melody when she want her space from the other cast members. Martell need to be fired from the show. Martell is bring down the rated. He is up to no good.He use used women to get under Melody skin.

  9. Who is Martell’s lawyer because this man is being a total fool right now. Telling a judge you don’t like their uncle and his husband babysitting because they are gay men won’t hold up in court. Airing out the child abuse accusations that were made by his own son won’t be looked at favorable by the judge. There is also proof that Martell is a great threat to his kids because there is plenty of footage of him being violent. His own anger issues, as well as proof of him stalking Melody on a date will def damage the character witness portion of the custody case. This is the time to be quiet. You don’t do this when you’re fighting for custody. This is self sabotage and he’s too prideful to see it.

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