Bobby Lytes Accuses Trina’s Fiancé of Assaulting Him

Trina’s fiancé doesn’t like Bobby Lytes.

Bobby Lytes opened up about his fallout with Trina on “Love And Hip Hop Miami.” While speaking to Trina’s brother Snoop, Bobby revealed that the root of the issue is Trina’s fiancé Raymond Taylor. He claimed that Raymond assaulted him while they were partying inside a nightclub.

“This is what happened. We’re in the club, this amazing time, boom boom boom boom boom boom. Everything’s great. I look over to Raymond and I say, ‘Do you have some **** that I can smoke? And he goes, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Ooh, I can’t get a little bit of **** so I can roll a blunt over here?’ He said, ‘No.’ Then I said, ‘Okay, I’ma remember that.’ He says, ‘Bro, I don’t give a ****. I don’t **** wit you.'”

He continued, “Things get really rocky and next thing I know he has a bottle in his hand. And next thing you know my nose is bleeding because he decided to hit my ************ nose. ”

In a green screen interview, Bobby said more, “Raymond’s actions have robbed me of one of the most important relationships in my life: Trina. It honestly feels like I’m being pushed out of the family.”

After Snoop suggests that it’s possible Raymond is just behaving this way because he feels he needs to protect Trina, Bobby strongly disagreed. And he stormed off.

Interestingly enough, Raymond had his own conversation with Snoop. He said he didn’t beat Bobby up. But he did hit him with an open hand. When Snoop questioned what the issue is, Raymond went on to say, “Bobby is a liability, bro. He don’t have no purpose, so he not standing on nothing. Everybody around gotta have something to stand on.”

He also accused Bobby of getting into too many fights and hurting Trina’s brand.

Raymond continued, “Me personally, I can’t work anything out if I don’t agree with your principles and morals.”

Although Snoop wants Raymond and Bobby to talk things out, Raymond is not interested. And he wants nothing to do with Bobby.

Other highlights from the episode include Sukihana clashing with a woman who criticized her store. Amara La Negra had a stressful moment at her baby shower. And Trick Daddy is still causing drama for Joy Young with his public comments.

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  1. Idk I like Trina but I’m not really a fan of how she acts on the show. She talks down to people a lot. But Bobby knew that. He just didn’t ever think he’d be on the receiving end.

  2. Trina’s fiance is giving homophobic vibes. What does Bobby’s lifestyle or morals have to do with him? If Trina is bothered by it…why should he?

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